Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2018 Nissan Pathfinder

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How to Install a Yakima Roof Rack on a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder

Hey guys. Today we have a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder and we're gonna do a test of the Yakima Jet Stream Timberline Tower Roof Rack System. Now this is gonna be a great accessory to put on your raised side rails of your Nissan Pathfinder. It'll allow you to get your favorite accessories on top of your roof rack whether it's a bike rack, a kayak carrier, or even a cargo box.Now our roof rack's made up of two different parts. Up top, we're gonna have our 60 inch Jet Stream Crossbars. Now these are also available in silver, you'll see we have the black ones up top.

Just see etrailer for whichever color suits your vehicle best. Now we have a nice aerodynamic shape on our crossbars. That when combined with this rubber strip up top is gonna help cut down on wind noise and drag, even when we're traveling at high speeds.When we pop the end cap off, we're gonna have access into this T slot and what's nice is that we don't have to pull out the rubber strip and cut it to length like some roof rack systems. We just push down on it and then slide the T slot accessory all the way through and then tighten it down, and we're good to go. We just put our end cap back on like so.Now down below, what's connecting our Jet Stream Crossbars to our raised side rails, is our Timberline Towers.

Now these have rubber coated steel straps that come under our raised side rail and hook in up here, and you tighten 'em down, and it just squeezes onto that crossbar and just makes sure it's secure. We have our tightening bolt right here, and you can use the included tightening tool to cinch it down onto the raised side rail. And that rubber coated steel strap is gonna protect your raised side rail from any type of scratches or abrasions. We can put our end caps back on. We're gonna see we do have these pop locks up top.

We can replace those with actual Yakima lock bolts, which are sold separately here at etrailer and that could just give you more security for your roof rack.Now I'll go ahead and give you some clearance measurements. First from the top of our roof to the bottom of our Jet Stream Cross Bar, that's gonna be three and a quarter inches. Now it's plenty of space to get any clamp on accessories or any of our rubber coated steel strap accessories around our Jet Stream Crossbar without risking ruining the finish on the top of your roof. Now if we go from the top of our roof to the top of our Jet Stream Crossbar, that's gonna be 4 inches exactly. That's something to keep in mind for any low clearance situations, because you have added that much space to the top of your roof.Now we also are gonna have a weight capacity of 165 pounds, but double check with your Pathfinder owner's manual to make sure your roof can handle that weight.

Now that we've gone over some of those features, I'll show you how to get it installed.You see we have our front crossbar in place. The rear one's gonna install and assemble the exact same way. We'll start with just flipping over our Jet Stream Crossbar. Now we're gonna grab our Timberline Tower and we do have to do a little bit of assembly real quick. I'm just gonna take this black plastic piece and just pop it on like so until you hear it snap in.Now what we're gonna do is take this silver piece and it's gonna thread on that screw that's on the inside. So it's gonna get lined up on top of it and we're gonna flip over our tower and we're just gonna push the strap through like so and there's gonna be a bolt on the inside of that hole that's uncovered when you put the strap in. Grab our tightening tool. Again, to tighten down the silver piece and we're gonna go until it's level with these two black pieces right here. Once we do that, we're gonna go to the other side of our Jet Stream Crossbar and making sure that the open side of the strap is facing the outside of the bar. We're just gonna go ahead and put it in this channel.I need to just move it around a bit so it just gets caught on something. Once you get it on there, just pull it on. Now from here, we're gonna go back to that same screw and we're gonna tighten it down all the way. When you hear those audible clicks, you know it's tight enough. Take our end cap for our crossbar, put it on. Now we're ready to get it on our roof.Now when getting your crossbar on your roof, if you have a height restriction, go ahead and open up this door and climb up so that we can see the other side and we're gonna make sure we get that strap to go under the crossbar or at least just set up to do it and we'll do the same on this side. Also make sure that your rounded edge right here is facing forward, that's gonna be the front and now we'll grab our tape measure and get our crossbars spread before we tighten anything down.Now we're gonna measure our crossbar spread to make sure that our bars are parallel. It's gonna help make sure that all of your accessories mounted to the top work properly. We're gonna measure center on center from both crossbars. There's no set measurement. You just wanna make sure it's above 24 inches. I usually base it off of whatever accessory I'll be hauling that day. So get the measurement on both sides and then we can tighten it down.Now we're gonna tighten down two different bolts. We have this first one right here that's more noticeable that's gonna tighten down our strap against our raised side rail, and the one on the inside is gonna tighten down our Timberline Tower to our Jet Stream Crossbar to make sure that it doesn't move at all. It doesn't matter which one you do first, just get 'em both done. This one doesn't have to be too tight. So once you get it nice and snug, we'll move on to this next one.Now as you're tightening this one down, it's gonna get tighter and tighter. You're gonna keep going until you hear the audible clicks out of our tightening tool. Once you hear those, you know it's tight enough so we can grab our end cap and put it on. Now you're ready to load up your very favorite Yakima accessories and then hit the road.Now with all that being said, that's gonna do it for our test fit for the Yakima Jet Stream Timberline Tower Roof Rack System on our 2018 Nissan Pathfinder.

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