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Yakima HoldUp Bike Carriers Rear Wheel Assembly Replacement Review

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Review of the Yakima HoldUp Bike Carriers Rear Wheel Assembly Replacement

A lot of things can happen on the road, whether you just back into something or someone maybe just clips you in the parking garage. Well, if you have the Yakima holdup bike rack, we have a lot of different replacement parts, but today we're going to be taking a look at the rear wheel assembly. Whenever you first assembled this bike rack, you probably noticed that it's extremely easy to put together and replacing the parts are going to be just as easy. So let's go over that installation process with you now.All we need to do to remove the part is going to be four little bolts here, and you can either have it down, have it up. I'm just going to do it like this, just because I think it's going to be a little bit easier. Go ahead and grab your allen key and I suggest doing the top ones first.

Once we get these out, you can go ahead and do whatever you want with them, the replacement part does come with the hardware.Once it's done, all you got to do is pull it up and we're ready to replace it. Now we can go ahead and take our replacement part, it's nice and shiny. We can go ahead and remove our hardware. It's going to be the same exact hardware that we removed on our old piece. So use the same exact allen key to get them undone.

We want to make sure that we put this in the right direction, so all you have to do is really look at one of them and we're going to do the exact opposite of that.So we have our wheel cradle over here and we're going to go ahead and put this week cradle on the other side, face it like this, and then you go can ahead, hold it into place like before. I do suggest starting with the top ones. Just thread that in by hand real quick.And then we can go ahead and tighten them all down evenly, going back and forth between the two. And we are going to have these oblong holes here so we can go ahead and move it however we see fit. It all just depends on what you guys think is best for your bikes.

And once everything is nice and tight, always just double-check all of the bolts. Make sure that they didn't loosen up as you started tightening everything else down.Once that's good, then we are done. And that's going to do it for the replacement rear wheel assembly on the Yakima holdup bike rack..

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