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Yakima FullTilt Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2020 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Yakima FullTilt Hitch Bike Racks on a 2020 Toyota RAV4

How's it going, everyone Ethan with Etrailer here to show you the Yakima FullTilt Hanging Bike Rack on our 2020 Toyota RAV4. This rack will support five bikes up to 150 pounds total. So about 30 pounds per bike. One thing to consider is that it's probably not gonna be the best fit for alternative style and kids style bikes. And if you have a carbon frame bike, you probably wanna avoid any sort of use of this at all 'cause it's gonna be held solely on the frame here. Okay, so one thing that we're gonna note here is that once you take this anti-sway out of play, and I can't, it's not the easiest thing to get to in the world to be honest but once you get that out, you're gonna notice that the bike does move pretty good back and forth but gravity usually does its thing and holds those in place for the most part.

So that's important to note once you have this fully loaded up that these are gonna be pretty key in keeping your bikes from swaying into one another while you're actually moving. But all in all, it's fairly easy to get these bikes off. You're gonna start by just pulling these zip strips out. I like to hang them on the sides right here just to keep them nice and secure. So I'm gonna go ahead and pull those out.

And then all you have to do is sort of reach around. It might be a little bit awkward. The furthest bike towards the back of your vehicle, but overall, not terrible. So got that off. All right, so now that we have the bike off.

In order to access the back of your vehicle, you're gonna wanna tilt this whole thing down. I noticed it helps to pull sort of towards the vehicle then release this and then pull all the way down. So as you can see, once it's fully down, you have a lot of room here. You can fully access the back of your vehicle. No worries there with clearance or anything like that.

So I mean, if you want to go ahead and just sit here, adjust your shoes, get anything out of the back, anything like that, no issues there at all. All right, so we're gonna go ahead and put this back up. You're gonna lift until you hear that click. And while we're back here, I think it's important to note that it does come with this built-in cable lock. You can go ahead and string this through all of your bikes to keep them nice and secure and it'll click in right here at the very front. So yeah, it's just a good way to keep everything nice and secure. Okay, so obviously with this bike rack, it does stick out from the back of your vehicle a little bit. So that's something you're gonna wanna keep in mind as far as parking or if you wanna store it in your garage. So just measuring from the back end here to the back end, you're coming up at about 44 and a half inches so a decent amount there. So on that subject, it's easy enough to just pull this up and drop this down and fold it in. So measuring now from that point, you're looking at more towards the end of about 11 and a half inches. So if it's folded up, you're gonna have a lot easier job parking this or keeping it in your garage or whatever you wanna do. All right, so now for your ground clearance here, the closest point to the ground ground is probably gonna be about to that fin there. It's about seven inches or so. This fin is just in place to protect your anti-rattle mechanism there, but something important to note is that once you extend these arms out, your ground clearance is gonna be about the point where your bikes are hanging or if that is the lowest point. So that's just something to keep in mind. So down here you have your anti ratal knob. As you can see there's a key system in front. It's a key to like system. So it's the same key that we talked about earlier with the cable key coming back here. It is a one and a quarter inch shank and is feeding into our two by two inch receiver tube held in place by the adapter. So if you have a couple of different cars and you can use the one and a quarter inch, that's fine too. It's held in place by what they call an auto pin instead of your standard hitch pin. Basically just expands whenever you tighten this. So overall, I think the Yakima is just a fine fit. If you we're to consider something else similar, you can consider the Curt Premium. It's another five-bike rack, but it supports up to 225 pounds and it tapers in the back for kids bikes if that's something that you're interested in. But like I said, overall I think it's a fine fit for the Toyota RAV4. Thanks for watching..

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