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Yakima Roof Bike Racks Review - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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Review of the Yakima Roof Bike Racks on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

What's up everybody, Adam here at etrailer, today we have a 2016 GMC Sierra 2,500. And we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima HighRoad. So the HighRoad is gonna be a single bike rack, that we can put on any type of rails. Whether you have Elliptical Bars, you have Round Bars, Square Bars, Factory Bars, or even just the big thick Yakima HD Bars. This is gonna be able to wrap around, and be a really quick and easy way to get one bike to and fro. It's gonna be great for your carbon fiber bikes, as you can see here, because we don't have any frame contact, and this is going to have a weight capacity of 45 pounds.

So just make sure you don't exceed that. And then the tire whisk is gonna be a maximum of four inches, so for some of those semi-fat tire bikes, you might be able to put them up on here, which is pretty cool. When it comes to the way that it connects in the back, it just has a little strap. The cool thing about this strap, one, it just works like any other strap, strap on any other bike rack, but the whole entire housing, slides just like that. So we can adjust it, get some of the kiddos bikes on here or some of the really long downhill bikes, you can also get on here.

I think that's pretty awesome. Another thing that I look for with bike racks is a lock. And as you can see right here, it doesn't really look like a lock, but it is. So they hide it away, that's why I really like. It doesn't come with cores, but you can get locking cores, sold separately.

But all you gotta do is just kind of pull this thing out. It'll just go, come on now. You've a little piece right here. So just kind of wrap it around your frame and then link it back to itself, so you can lock your bike to the rack. No lock is gonna be 100% theft proof, but just seeing a cable lock on there, it's just gonna kind of deter people away from stealing your stuff.

We do want to make sure that the wheel diameter is gonna be in between 26 and 29 inches. And even if you do have some fenders up top, we really don't have any interference because usually the fenders come out to right around here. So you don't have to remove that fender to be able to use this rack. So let's take this bike off and to do that we have a knob down here. So we already undid the strap in the back. So now that we're undoing the knob, we really want to hold onto our bike and just rotate this lefty loosey, and it's just going to control this back arm. So what I like to do is just take the wheel almost all the way out. We're gonna rotate this back a little bit, there we go. And then once that's done, we can go ahead and grab our bike. And I just like the fact that I can actually grab it without having a step, because if this was on the roof of the truck, it'd be a lot harder. So now we can get a little closer look at the rack. So one thing I really like about this rack is the way it ties down to the bars. So there's two different options, right now out of the box, it's gonna come with these straps, so you can slide this down and this mechanism is gonna be awesome. So if you do get out those locking cores, just make sure to grab enough to both lock your bike to the rack, but also lock the rack to your bars. And that'll just go right here and that'll prevent us from sliding this. But if we slide it like this, this little strap comes out. This will be able to kind of slide like this. We want a crossbar spread of no more than 36 inches. And then once we kind of put this up, like this, it fits into this little slot right there. We've a little adjustment right here, and we wanna have a decent amount of tension whenever we put it down like that, slide it up, lock it, done deal. This is what I really like about Yakima stuff. Super easy compared to the competition. We're gonna have the same exact straps in the front. Just slide this out or we're gonna pull this up first, but, we're gonna slide this out, flip this up, done deal. We're gonna have this on both sides. So this is the widest part of the whole entire bike rack. It's about nine and a half inches wide. So we can fit like four or even five bikes in the bed of the truck and not give up any of the space underneath if you have the HD Bars. I think that's awesome because we've a fifth wheel in here. So we're not gonna be able to use a tailgate pad or anything. This is a really cost effective way to kind of get four or five bikes in the bed of your truck without having to put anything in the hitch. So if you're looking to haul bikes with your truck, trust me, just grab the HD Bars that go in the bed, just because any bike rack, regardless of it, if it's this one or any of the other ones that we sell, getting it up onto the roof is gonna be so difficult. So just grab this, it's really easy to put on along with the bike rack and grab as many as you want. And that's pretty much it. I'd definitely recommend this. This is my favorite roof mounted bike rack of all the ones that we sell here. And that's just about it for a look at the Yakima HighRoad on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2,500..

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