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Yakima Ski and Snowboard Racks Review - 2013 Subaru Outback Wagon

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Review of the Yakima Ski and Snowboard Racks on a 2013 Subaru Outback Wagon

Hi, it's Evangeline from And today we are looking at the Yakima FreshTrack ski and snowboard carrier here on our 2013 Subaru Outback. Now, this is a great option for when you want to go skiing snowboarding, or you can bring your fishing rods during the warmer months and not have them creating puddles inside your vehicle. The way our things are mounted here in our carrier is this carrier fits 4 sets of skis or 2 sets of boards. It also comes in the size 6, which fits 6 sets of skis or 4 sets of boards. So you have 2 skis and 1 board in here you can see over here, how it locks.

It has a nice locking mechanism there. Now all carriers. Most carriers are able to be locked. It's not a super amazing feature. It's just a nice thing to have.I do like how it's kind of indented into our handle here, which just helps keep out a little bit of the snow and the grime.

It could be covered a bit more, but I think it's a fine feature. What I do like is how this button is large and it's designed to use for use with your palm. If you have heavy gloves on your hands, you can just use it to open up the snowboard carrier and you can see also how it's spring-loaded. So it stays up while it's up there. When we close it, it ratchets down against your snowboards, which is a nice feature because then you can really see how secure it is up there.

Let's take our skis and our snowboards off of our carrier here. You can say how high that is up there, which is nice, because especially when you want to put your skis back up, you don't have to worry about keeping that handle up there.It just stays up there and it has a nice spring there too. It's not a stuck thing that you have to secure up. With the skis and snowbirds off you can see how inside the carrier arms themselves. It has this nice rubber padding, which squishes down and really protects your season's still boards from extra scuffs and scratches as well as holds them in place.

So to bring them back down, you just push them down like that. And we can see exactly how much height it adds to the roof of our vehicle. We have them on factory crossbars. Which are a little bit short, but they still manage to clamp around the crossbars. We have them at a height from the roof of our vehicle, to the top of about 7 and a quarter inches. That might be something you want to keep in mind if you're thinking about height clearance for your roof.Now from the distance of the bottom of the carrier to the bottom of your roof is 3 and a half inches. We have them all the way out to the side. So what if you want to carry other things on your roof rack Well on our crossbars here. The factory crossbars for the Subaru Outbacks are a bit short compared to maybe other aftermarket crossbars. For your crossbar space, you have about 14 inches left with it all the way out to the back to the side. That's something to keep in mind since it only carries four sets of skis here, this has an interesting way of clamping around. We have them on our factory crossbars here, so they we're able to fit. And this is on the top setting. You can fit the crossbars. 1, 2, 3, there's a bit of adjustability there up and down.So technically you do not need a tool to tighten them down. It was just a little tricky, figuring out the best fit here on our roof rack. So my thoughts about this carrier is it's a nice sturdy carrier. It's easy to use. It's very light it mounts onto our crossbars. It was a little tricky to figure out how to mount them perfectly. But if you just using it on one vehicle and you got it down in the correct settings, then it's really a breeze. It just might be tricky if you're carrying and passing around this carrier with other vehicle's crossbars with your friends and family, just something to keep in mind. Other than that, it works really well. It brings all your snowboards. It brings your skis out to the mountains or to the resort where you can have a great day and a great adventure. So that was a look at the fresh rack ski and snowboard carrier here on our 2013 Subaru Outback.

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