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Yakima FatCat Ski and Snowboard Carrier Review - 2013 Ford Escape

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Review of the Yakima FatCat Ski and Snowboard Carrier on a 2013 Ford Escape

Today, on our 2013 Ford Escape, we'll be test-fitting the Yakima FatCat 6 Locking Rooftop Ski and Snowboard Carrier, part number Y03088. Now, to begin our test fit, we'll take the front carrier, place it over the top of the front crossbar, and bring the rubber-coated steel straps around underneath the crossbar, and latch them back to the carrier attachment point. Once they're locked in place on either side, we can then open up the carrier, tighten down the wingnut, and clamp it into place. With that, our carrier on the front crossbar is secured. We'll move on to the rear crossbar. We'll now place the rear carrier on top of the rear crossbar, and repeating the same procedure, clamping it down, we'll secure the rear carrier to the rear crossbar.

Now, with both carriers in place, we can go ahead and load our skis and snowboards, and we're off to the slopes. That completes our test fit of the Yakima Fatcat 6 Ski and Snowboard Carrier, part number Y03088 on our 2013 Ford Escape.