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Yakima Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2021 Ford Bronco

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Review of the Yakima Hitch Bike Racks on a 2021 Ford Bronco

Hey, everybody, Welcome to the I'm Bobby, And today we're taking a look at the Yakima EXO System here in the back of our 2021 Ford Bronco. So guys, this system is gonna give you a lot of modularity and a lot of, to your own specifications and your own wants and desires, a host of different accessories on the back of your Bronco. Today, we do have the double up on top and the gear warrior on bottom. But we're not gonna be just limited that there are a lot of different accessories on there. I'm gonna give you guys a quick showing later on how to quickly swap those out, which take no time at all.

You guys can see, we have some speed knobs right here on the end, and that's gonna make it really easy to get our accessories on and off of our vehicle at any point. The big thing with this guy, though, it is actually able to swing away utilizing, knocking the swing away system, as you guys can see at the bottom there. And that's gonna be excellent to go ahead and give ourselves complete access to the back of our Bronco and really make it easier to start interacting with our EXO System. So let's go ahead and take a look at how we can do that together. So the big thing for us though, guys, actually get this EXO System to start fitting on your Ford Bronco.

You guys are gonna need an aftermarket hitch. Here today we do have our Draw-Tite available here at As you guys are seeing, this is gonna give you a way bigger extension off the back of your Bronco to go ahead and actually get you some room through that spare tire. Now Yakima does offer the Yakima StraightShot as a kind of hitch extender, but keep in mind, that's gonna reduce your weight capacity around 50% for this entire system. Which really doesn't leave you too much.

So do keep in mind, I'd probably have to go just with this Draw-Tite, to get us away from our spare tire and actually get us the capability of actually mounting this on. So before we started breaking down, everything that the system can do for yourself, I want to go ahead and give you guys an idea of what you're gonna be working with fitment wise. So you are looking at about 37 and one-quarter inches from the back of your bumper to the very end of our swing base system. Our gear warriors actually extend to about 38 inches, so only really three quarters of an inch coming from that extra little bit overhang, which isn't too bad. And one thing I do want to bring to our attention here, we are sitting very, very close to our backup camera here in our spare tire holder.

So one thing we're gonna suggest right away, go ahead and make sure you're locking cord is on this side. If it's on this side, it's definitely gonna start interacting with yourself and that's really easy to do by pulling off your locking cord and taking this pin out and getting that moved around. But that way you're not gonna have any interaction here. You guys can see only about an inch at the bottom here and where our shunt kind of comes up to the top we are getting a little closer. So definitely something that I'd be a little careful of, though We're not gonna have too much rubbing and contact on there, which is gonna be excellent. Something I might watch though, if we do find ourselves taking this on, maybe some of the back roads, somewhere getting a little off-road and going, you might have a little bit of contact there. So I'd watch it, and maybe just maybe kind of put some kind of protective element there that way you're not having any degradation to that backer camera. One thing I really like about this being on our Bronco too, we have tons of room here to work in. And I think that is really, of course, because of our Draw-Tite we have on, but plenty of room to go ahead and start working this guy, getting them looser and looser. Once we do find ourselves nice and released, go ahead and start pulling this pin to see if we're you are fully out of there. And there we go. And all we got to do is simply walk this out. That pins in a click, hold us in position there, and now we can actually flip this around. Again we're coming that locking cord we just had make sure it's unlocked and start removing our pin to be able to move it. And with that, we can spin it away. And of course, let's go grab that spinning knob that I lost. Make sure we have it in hand next time. And that way we can quickly set that in place and start holding this in position. With a quick replacement of our pin we've gone ahead and flipped over, I'll double up now. And as you guys can see, that's gonna give you great access right here to your bikes, making it really easy to take both off as you guys can see this one's right here for me, if I needed it. I will say kind of makes the other one a little harder too if you wanted. So you could wait to go ahead and take that bike off. But I wanted to give you guys the full experience. If you are taking off this way and you've got the gear warrior loaded up with all your gear on the other side, still gonna allow me to come up right to my bike, but let's go ahead and start taking a look at a double up carrier. Now the carrier itself is gonna be an excellent way of carrying your bikes with you wherever you go. Now you are only gonna have about a 40 pound capacity with this guy, so per bike. So really not gonna be excellent for your big old heavy e-bikes. Of course you are on already a pretty heavy big system. So that started putting a lot of strain on your hitch, not to mention just your carrier in general. So we are gonna be limited a little bit on the weight capacity, but it's still gonna put us pretty well in line for all of our road bikes and even up into that mountain bike range, which can be excellent. One thing I really like about it, we do have a front tire hold here. So gonna be excellent, even for our carbon frame bikes, as you guys can see here. And talking about the cradles, they are quite nice. I like these open hook hoop designs, make it really easy to really seek your bike in here and have a great time of holding onto there. Now the back cradle here for our rear wheel. Isn't anything too crazy as you guys can see, it's just a little strap that's holding us on. However, these guys do oscillate a little bit, just making sure that even if you do have a smaller wheel base, you have a great job holding on and of course, opening it up for our longer ones. Now, if you had really, really long tires, I'd be a little concerned about this making contact or wide tires, are staying not long, but I don't think we're gonna have any issue there, especially with it not being too crazy. So that's not too concerning for me. The straps back here just simply secure it with a ration style strap to go ahead and make sure that we have good securance on our bike at all times. I really do like these arms. They are kind of similar to the holdup design that Yakima has, that guy cranks and creaks a lot. This guy is effortless, smoothless, I do really like how that actually works. And of course then handle being right there, very, very easy to use. And one thing that's excellent as well, and you have a cable lock attached to each end of your arm. That way you can go ahead and be sure in the knowledge that your bike's gonna stay attached to your carrier when you leave it unattended. Now we went ahead and just flip this around just to make it a little easier for our take down. Of course you could do it the other way. The gear warrior's a little bit other than the way, but again, you can kind of make that up to you. However you want to take it down just for today's purposes we flipped it to give you guys a better look here at our handles and our straps. And talking about that, this becomes really easy just to simply press in this lever, get this situated up. One thing I really like is how much of a strap, how much strap you actually get with this. That's gonna be excellent if you do have your bigger tires on here. Having a little bit of issue with those guys on some of the smaller straps, but do keep in mind, you do only have that 40 pound weight capacity per bike. So getting that straps out of the way is gonna be really easy. Let's make sure we are holding onto our bike, we don't want that tilting down, falling on us, causing any kind of damage. And then I'll have to do bring that arm up out to the side. And that's gonna let me to get underneath my bike, get set, and simply lift it up and away and we're already ready to ride. Now, obviously with awesome up and swing away you guys have already seen. We have complete access here to the back of our Bronco. What's gonna be great with this guy, I can go ahead, pop, open my door here. The one thing I will say, it's gonna be excellent for this halfway point of the Bronco has, this is gonna be great, and go ahead get all that cooler, quick access items. Now, if I do need to go ahead and swing up my top glass plate here to do that, I am gonna need to open this just a little more. And as I do that though, let's be conscious that we are making contact here on our tire. So luckily our spare tire not gonna be an issue. And of course I'm not too worried about this. Honestly, I can see myself opening this up a lot like that. I just gently open it. That's gonna allow me to get complete access here, now and get those coolers, bike, helmets, anything I might need and just start getting set up at the trail head, right And this is gonna be excellent 'cause the EXO System is gonna give you a lot of different options as well. Maybe at this point, you've already gone ahead, taking off your double up and throwing on one of the nice little bamboo boards. Now you've got a great place to hang out right on the back of your Bronco. So really, really like how we have all this open access and how easy it is to get it. And that's just something you really can't get from a lot of different carriers out there, and that's awesome. Now swinging it in is just gonna be as easy as swinging it out. We just have a little pull pin here we want a pop. That's gonna allow me to bring this guy all the way back. The one thing I will say, just be careful you're lining this up correctly. That way you're not gonna have any issues when you go to mount it. And then we can start re-threading this in once we found that proper position. Once we found our channel, we just simply keep going until we're nice and secure. Now I really do like this lever, it's huge, it gives you a lot of good leverage and on the Bronco, it's just so nice to actually have full use of both of my limbs here. A lot of times you find yourself scrunched up against the vehicle. It's kind of hard to get to, really, really like I have to all that room to work with. And there we go nice and secure. Now of course we do have the gear warrior here today with us and that's gonna be excellent to go ahead and start loading you guys some of your cargo needs that you might have that can't quite fit in your Bronco. Now do keep in mind it doesn't have 110 pounds of weight capacity. So that's still gonna be pretty much excellent for a lot of coolers on those dry bags you guys might have. And all that quick access gear you get you want right at the trailhead Which can be awesome. Which, you know, still leaves you plenty of room for all those different needs in the back of the Bronco, especially for the people you're taking along. But I really do like how it works. Obviously it is kind of really reminiscent of Yakima SkinnyWarrior. So you've got a lot of good attachment points for any of your cam buckles ratchet strap systems, and it does have a nice clean look to it, which I do like. And of course these open ends for your slightly longer irons that might need to stick through. Of course though, I probably wouldn't exceed it too bad as you are going off to the side of your vehicle, which is gonna start hampering your navigation capabilities so do keep that in mind. But what's excellent about this we can quickly take it off and put on a variety of different attachments. Let's go ahead and see how we get on the snowbank. Well, it's really easy to use these guys. Of course, make sure that they are unlocked. You can go ahead and start backing them off, but all we need to do is simply lefty loosey to release our double up here and so we're nice and released. And then we can simply just slide it a little bit and lift her out. Now that we have our double up uninstalled, we can go ahead and put on our snowbank to do that. You just simply want to slot it in. Now the only thing I'll say already, you guys can see, we are having a little bit of contact on there. So do you keep in mind, if you guys are putting this to the top, you're probably gonna have a little bit of interaction with that spare tire. If that's something that concerns you as it does us, is you're having a hinge there, that's opening and already you're gonna have road shake that's gonna be having that vibration on there. I would suggest putting the bottom, but we just want to give you guys a good look at that test fit bit it doesn't quite work for you. But one thing I'll say to it as well to install, it's really easy though, whether you're on the top or the bottom, all we need to do is actually go ahead and tighten this up. Just like so, now one thing I can also do once we're nice and secure is actually go ahead and put that push pin in. And that's gonna keep me from actually rotating this and getting undone as you guys can see, it has a little symbol there for actually taking it off. But that way you're nice and secure, you're gonna have no issue. Overall guys, I think this is gonna be an excellent way of giving yourself a little bit of control of your hitch on the back of your Bronco, whether you want to take the double up and your gear warrior, or you want to take that snowbank and a nice little bamboo table, that's ready to go in the back. So you can throw up, throw this up while you guys are at camp and have yourself a nice little hangout session. I think it's just gonna really give you all those different things and more, which is excellent. And it still just works as a decent little bike rack here to make sure you guys can get your bikes to where you want to go. One last little thing to the gear warrior does come with some nice little assessors as well. So highly recommend you guys just taking a look here at, going through a lot of the different EXO System and getting the right build for you at home. Well guys, I think that about does it for our look at the Yakima EXO System here on the back of our 2021 Ford Bronco. I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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