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Yakima BedRock HD Truck Bed Cargo Rack Review - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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Review of the Yakima BedRock HD Truck Bed Cargo Rack on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

What's up everybody Adam here with etrailer today on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500. We're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima Bedrock HD truck bed rails. So if you have a truck and you have to do a lot of different things with it, well this one, when you do some fifth-wheel hauling, it has a Tonneau cover on here, but now we have some bars. So with trucks they're typically pretty tall. And when it comes to roof accessories, you're typically gonna have a naked roof on top. So it's kind of a more premium option to put a roof rack on the roof.

And it's hard to get stuff up there. But with this, this is gonna be a really simple, quick way to get bars on the inside of the truck bed. So you're gonna have two different levels, so we can put a bunch of different stuff on here, whether you just use it to maybe have two tiers of hauling. So you can haul some stuff in the bed of the truck. But if you have a fifth wheel, we're not gonna be able to do as much.

But with the bars on here, we're gonna be able to maybe put some of that lumber and stuff up all in here, or just use it for recreational stuff like kayak carriers, bike racks, or even a tent. Is this gonna have a capacity of 300 pounds when you're moving But when you do just sit there and park, you can either get the two bed, two rail kit, or the three rail kit to put a tent on here. So there's a lot of different options you can do. But one thing that I would probably use this for is kind of hauling around some lumber and some longer stuff like that. And the cool thing about it is we do have some tie-downs on the end of the bars.

So these bars are about 78 inches long. You can probably fit a couple of different sheets on here, and then you can use these tie-downs to tie the stuff down. There's a bunch of different types of accessories. We have a T-slot up top with a weather strip. And the nice thing about this is we're gonna have the option to either have a wraparound accessory like our bike rack right here, but also T-slot stuff.

So these bars are really not gonna limit you at all because it gives you both of those different options. And it has such a high capacity compared to anything else. When it comes to things you can put in the bed of your truck, this can go in any truck because we can adjust it, however we see fit. So you have multiple trucks, it'll take like five minutes to take this off of this one and put it on the other truck. And I like that. This is one of my favorite products for a truck just because it's so quick and easy to take it on and take it off as well. And just the fact that roof racks on trucks, I don't think they look good and too, it's just so hard to get stuff up on top of there. It's like so much easier, you can grab all your accessories and everything from the side of your truck. So you don't have to get up on a ladder or whatever. Just all in all, probably one of the best things you can do for your truck. The cool thing about it is all you need is a truck bed. This isn't specific to just the GMC Sierra. So once you get this all undone and off, you can just do that again on the other side, and these things are donzo. So you can definitely enable your truck to do a lot more. We have a Tonneau cover on here, but we can still put accessories in the bed of the truck. I think that's a win-win. So if you wanna see how quick and easy it is to install it, just stick around and we're gonna show ya. First thing we wanna do is we wanna get the width right. So to do that on the bottom of the little tower, it's gonna be in the very center, a little screw, and we're gonna use a little Allen key that's included with the kit; to loosen that up and then slide it down. It does have numbers on the bottom, so you can get it nice and even. Both left and right. Once you do that, you just wanna make sure that the pad is gonna be right up against the side rail of the bed of the truck. And once that's done, this is kind of a really quick and fun part. So we're gonna open up this little lever, like that. And it's gonna go into these little slots just like that. And once that's done, you're gonna take our little pad and it's gonna go right on top of this little screw right here. So once we get that into place, you can start to tighten this down a little bit. And we wanna get it where it's pretty much snug with our hands, because with this lever, isn't gonna do the rest of it. So as you can see, it's moving this arm up and down. So that's a little too loose. Tighten it up a little bit more, still a little too loose. Now I really have a little bit of tension on my fingers. So now we have plenty of force to put that down and give it a good shake. As you can see, this thing is rock solid. And the cool thing about this is it does come with locking core. So you can just lock that up and then just do the same exact thing for the other side. And now you're ready to load up your favorite accessories and hit the road. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Yakima Bedrock HD bars on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500..

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