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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Toyota Sienna

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2011 Toyota Sienna

Today we will be working on a 2011 Toyota Sienna. We will be installing Tow Ready T-one connector part number 118498. We are going to start by accessing the rear cargo area of the van. And we need to remove both taillight assemblies. They are each mounted with two 10 millimeter bolts. You can see this gives us access to the rear taillight wiring. I am going to go ahead and disconnect the lens from them now. On each connection, there is a small locking tab that must be depressed before disconnecting. I am going to go ahead and set my taillight lens assembly aside for now. We will reinstall that later. Now I am going to go repeat the same process on the passenger side. Next we want to remove the three cargo hooks so that we can remove this rear threshold. I am going to repeat the same process for the next two. Now that we have our cargo hook hold downs removed, we can go ahead and remove the rear trim panel. We will set that out of our way. You can see it gives us access to route our wiring from the driver to the passenger side. 0:55

Now we are going to pull this trim panel lose so that we can route our wiring. Now we want to take our yellow lead and push it in behind and pull it out the driver side taillight so we can access it out the driver side taillight area. Now we are going to go ahead and take our manufacturer connection and plug it into our new T-one connector. Now that the driver side is connected, we can go ahead and reinstall our taillight. Take our new Tow Ready connector, plug it in line with the manufacturer connector and the taillight and reinstall our other connection. I am just going to tuck my wires in behind the taillight. Now that my taillight is installed, we will go ahead and tighten it down. And our wire here that goes behind the driver side taillight, we are just going to feed it down away from any pinch point and then reinstall our panel. Now that we have made our connection points and reinstalled the driver side, we will move over here to the passenger side. We are going to remove the cover for the jack assembly and set it aside. Now we are going to pull back this trim panel so we can make our connections behind the passenger side taillight. On the passenger side we are going to make two separate connections. I am going to take the manufacturer connection and plug in to the red and brown wire. Then we will take the other manufacturer connection and plug it into the green wire. Now that we have those steps completed, we can go ahead and reinstall our taillight lens assembly. 2:21

Now that we have made our taillight connections, we need to get a battery supply for our module. In order to do that, we are going to have to route a battery cable or a power supply to the front of the vehicle. The best way to do that is to locate a manufacturer plug that we can go out. And then we are going to route underneath the vehicle and back up to the vehicle battery. But first what I am going to do is remove the rubber plug and start fishing some of my wire underneath so that I can pull it through once I get under the vehicle. OK, now what I am going to do is remove some of these fastening tabs to locate and route our wire. Now that I have my wire routed out to the outside of the vehicle, I am going to take this loom clamp, part number A0500, and attach it to the frame of the vehicle. Now I will go ahead and route my power wire to the front of the vehicle. You just need to be careful of any pinch points, moving parts and stay as far away from the exhaust as you can. You can see I have my power wire run to the front of the vehicle. Now I am ready to go up into the engine compartment. What I have done is gone ahead and added a piece of plastic tubing just to help me thread it up through the engine compartment to the battery. And as you can see we have our power wire routed up here to the battery. It is going to be a little longer than we need so we can go ahead and trim it to fit. I am also going to take a couple of zip-ties and tie it off so that our wire is not hanging lose. 3:59

This is our fuse holder. I am going to go ahead and cut it, strip it back. On one end we will add our ring terminal to connect to our battery. On the other end we will add the butt connector. Now I am going to go ahead and cut my wire to fit. I am going to stripe it back. Add our fuse holder. You can see here where there is a terminal where we mount to the top of the battery. That is where we will add our fuse holder. You will notice that we have not installed our fuse into our fuse holder yet. We do not want to install that until we are finished making all of our connections. Now that our fuse holder is in place, let us go finish mounting our module. This is the grommet that we removed earlier so that we could feed our wire underneath the vehicle. What I am going to do is take a utility knife and make a small slit in the grommet. And this will make room for our wire so that we can reinstall this grommet. W are just going to route our power wire under the carpet over here to the corner so that we can make our connection with our module. Next I want to go ahead and make my power wire connection to our module. I am going to strip back the wire on both ends. I will add our connector. Now that we have completed that we have one more connection point to make. We need to mount our ground wire. This is a good spot for our ground wire. I am going to be using the self-tapping screw that came with our installation kit and go ahead and mount it now. 6:07

I am going to go ahead and peel off my double sided tape, feed it back in next to the jack and underneath the taillight and mount my module. I will take my excess wires here and bundle them up. I will take one of the zip-ties from my installation kit. Just wrap it around our bundle. Trim off the excess from my zip-tie and then I can feed that bundle in with the module. The driver side taillight, the yellow wire and our power wire are coming in and our 4-pole plug is coming out. I have my yellow wire here that we are going to cover up with the rear threshold trim piece. But before I do that, I just want to tie it off securely. I have my threshold piece back in place. I can go ahead and reinstall my cargo hooks. Let us go ahead and install our fuse. Once our fuse is securely in, put the cap on it and our in line fuse holder is complete. When in use our 4-pole plug will come out towards the center of the vehicle and sit next to the latch. We do not want to get too close to the latch because we do not want to pinch our wire in the latch assembly. We can close the door on it as the weather seal is thick enough that it will not harm the wire. When not in use, we will take our 4-pole plug. We will roll it up, tuck it here under the spare tire jack and close it away nice and neatly in the compartment. That completes the installation of Tow Ready T-one connector part number 118498.

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