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Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars Installation - 2019 Ram 1500

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How to Install the Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars on a 2019 Ram 1500

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Westin PRO TRAXX Nerf Bars on our 2019 Ram 1500. Before I go into anything else, I just think that these look really really good on this Ram. I don't know if it's just maybe the color combo with this Ram, but it definitely does add to the looks of it. And that's kind of why I get running boards, but also it's to help you get in and out of your vehicle. This one isn't lifted, but it does have some knobby tires. It's a little bit bigger.

But as you can see we have a massive step here and I got pretty big feet and there's still a lot more step that has traction on it. So I can get in and out of the vehicle. The steps are made of plastic, but it's a very, very high quality plastic. So it's not really gonna crack. If you do see them starting to crack, we do have replacement parts for this but it's about two foot wide and four inches thick.

So depending on how you get in your truck, I mean, some days I get in one way, another's another way. But it is plenty big so I can sit here like this, have plenty attraction. But also if you just get in your truck a little bit differently sometimes, it just has plenty of grip to be able to get in. So I definitely like the size of the pad. And the same goes for the passenger side, it's just in the perfect spot really.

And one thing that I have on my feet a lot are big old bulky boots. So even if you do have big bulky boots on, you still have plenty of room to get your ball of your foot up onto the step to help you get up. 'Cause a lot of you guys do do construction work or just have those big bulky shoes like I do. So I definitely like the fact that they're out a decent amount from the truck. So we're not gonna be sitting there, kicking the truck every single time we get in.

I think it's the perfect mix of giving us a decent amount of room up top, but also not adding a whole lot to the bottom. So our ground clearance is pretty much the same as our skid plates underneath. So I really don't think we're giving up any ground clearance because there's still some stuff going on underneath there that are a little bit lower. When it comes to running boards, we want them to be functional. And these definitely check that box but you also want them to look good and these look great. But if you do have a different color scheme going or just a different style you're going for, we do have Chrome which is the same exact install and the same exact dimension of the steps. It's just Chrome. It's all up to you. The instructions that come with the running boards are not the best. So just watch the video and Adam's gonna take care of you. On each side, we're gonna mount three brackets. It's gonna be one right underneath your mirror. And we're gonna have another one right here, right at this door seam. And then there's gonna be one in the back right in line with your rear handle for your rear door. So we have three studs and that's what we're gonna be using the mount of brackets. But notice there is a little bit of paint on the end. So some of them might give you a little bit of trouble when you start to thread them in. But also we wanna make sure that the threads are clean. We really don't wanna mess those studs up at all. What I'm using is just a little wire wheel just to put it up on here, clean that out. If you don't have that, you can get a wire brush. If you don't have that, you can just take it, rub it with your fingers and then take a bolt and zip it all the way down and then zip it all the way back just to make sure that the threads gonna be nice and clear to make for an easier install. I've installed a lot of running boards and the instructions are subpar. So let's see if Adam can make it a little bit easier for you. Step one, get all your brackets out. And we do wanna take our little bracket here. See how it bends up. We want that to be towards the higher end and we're gonna have a carriage bolt that goes through little square and then we're gonna have a washer, lock washer, and a nut. We don't wanna tighten this down. We wanna keep it nice and loose. So let's start with the passenger side. So that's where the instructions tell you where the brackets go. So we're gonna have one bracket that's gonna be different than all of the other ones. And that is the B bracket. The B bracket you can tell which one it is. One, it has a thick section up top facing towards the rear of the vehicle. We have the second bracket which is gonna be facing the front of the vehicle. And then the bracket that's welded on right here to connect to our running boards is also facing towards the front. There's only one of these and they're not stamped. So this is B. And then you go down to the second one, which is gonna be the same on the driver and passenger side. And this is your A bracket. The only thing you need to know to find out the A bracket is see how skinny this is up there. That is the A bracket. So you can install that there. And then moving back to the very end. It's also gonna be the same as the driver's side. This is your D bracket. So the D brackets are gonna be thicker up top. And the top bracket's gonna be facing towards the front of the vehicle. Second bracket towards the end of the vehicle. And then this bracket down here that connects to our running boards is gonna be facing the back. So BAD on the passenger side, BAD. And the brackets on the driver's side are gonna be DAD. So the only difference between the driver's side and the passenger side is this front mount towards the very front of your vehicle. So this is D with the thicker bracket on top. In the middle, we have the A bracket, which skinnier like this and then the same D bracket towards the back right there. To install each of the brackets, we're gonna have three washers, three lock washers, and three nuts. Let's put the bracket into place. We're gonna start with the washers on each side. You might have to just hold it for a little bit. And then we're going to put the lock washer on all of them and then a nut. I like to put the top one on first. I'll use my other hand so you can see. Just put it on there. I just like to put this one on first and hopefully we can get it to go down enough to where this bracket won't come off and we can do the same exact thing for the remaining three studs and then remaining two brackets. I have a 13 millimeter socket and I'm just gonna get these threaded on. I'm not gonna completely tighten them down. We do wanna have these brackets still a little loose. So we have a little bit of wiggle room when we're lining up our board. So I think right about there is fine. Maybe a little bit more. You can do that for all the other brackets you got. Brackets are installed and they're still a little loose. So now that we have the right brackets on there. Let's grab the step. And if for some reason they're not lining up, I actually had the wrong one on the wrong side on the passenger side and that was the issue. So follow the instructions where I tell you which brackets go where and you won't have that problem. I figured it out for you. So now we're gonna have our little bolts here. We're gonna have a washer, but up next to the head it's gonna be a little tooth washer. We're gonna go and start to thread that in. And again, we don't want really wanna completely tighten these down. I just wanna get them on there and there's gonna be two for each bracket. We have one Allen key that comes in our kit and that's gonna work with this. You can tighten those up a little bit, but not all the way. I do like to get these almost completely tight. But first I like to go throughout all the brackets and tighten those up to spec. Now I'm gonna snug up all four bolts for each bracket and then I'm gonna come back with a torque wrench and torque them down to spec. Now we have these little covers. There's gonna be three for each side. It pretty much just blocks the bracket. So all you you need to do is spread this out a little bit. Now, once we get into place, you wanna put a washer on the outside by the head of the bolt. And then on the other side, we want to have another washer and then put the nylon lock nut on there. A 10 millimeter socket and wrench is gonna tighten these up. We're gonna have two for each bracket and it's gonna be the same thing as the other side. And just like all the other bolts, highly suggest not using power tools. Just take the extra time to do that just so we don't really break or strip anything out. Once those plates are done, that's pretty much it for the install. And again, these we're the Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars on our 2019 Ram 1500..

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