Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars Installation - 2015 Ram 2500

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How to Install the Westin PRO TRAXX Oval Nerf Bars on a 2015 Ram 2500

Today on our 2015 Ram 2500 crew cab, we'll be installing the Westin Pro Traxx Oval Nerf Bars in polished stainless steel, part number 21-23560. As you can see here, your Westin Nerf Bars feature a nice, powder-coated bracket. The mounting locations for your nerf bars are already here in the rocker panels, so there's no drilling required. There's 3 brackets on each side and again, your mounting locations are already located here on the vehicle. You just have to insert a nutsert and then the hardware is provided with the kit that you'll need to install the nerf bars. The nerf bars feature a nice, oval shape which will give you more room to stand on opposed to a round bar and these have a nice, stainless steel finish on them.

The wide saddle-pad step area provides sure footing. The raised tread makes it easier for shoes to grip to the surface. It's a sturdy polymer plastic that resists UV rays, fading and cracking. The fully sealed dome ends of the nerf bars keep moisture out and deliver a nice finished look instead of having the open ends that you can get with some nerf bars. The polished stainless steel is long-lasting and rustproof and the Westin Nerf Bars do have a lifetime warranty. The top mounted saddles provide a raised tread for excellent grip and deep grooves allow water to quickly and easily drain off for a drier step surface.

We're going to start our install here on the passenger's side. Here on the inside of the rocker panel you'll see 2 holes here at the front and a piece of tape covering up another access hole. Go ahead and just peel that tape back and that will expose 1 of the attachment points for our tube step brackets. In the kit you'll get nutserts that will be installed into the frame, 1 at each mounting location. Here, for our front attachment points, see the oval hole in the frame with these 2 hexagon holes.

You'll want to go ahead and go to the rear hole here and press in the nutsert that comes with the kit. Go ahead and get it lined up. It's a tight fit, so we're going to go ahead and take a hammer and just tap it and it will go into the frame like that. They also recommend holding up the bracket using the center hole here, taking 1 of the M10 bolts that comes with the kit and feeding it through there and just threading it in a few times just to get that nutsert set into the frame. Once it's in the frame securely, you go ahead and unscrew that and set that aside. We'll go ahead and take our nut plate.

It has an M12 bolt pressed into 1 side and an M10 nut here on the other side. This will get fed into the frame and this nut will line up with this hole here in the frame. To hold it in place so it doesn't fall into the body panel there's a plastic, square washer. Just go ahead and feed that on there. Give it a few threads. Feed that into the oval hole and spin that around and the nut will line up with this hole. Now we'll go ahead and take our front bracket for our passenger's side. As you can see this flange that the actual tube step will be mounted on will go towards the front and that will be like that for the center mounting location also. The rear mounting location this will be towards the back. Now you can see your top mounting location and your 2 oval holes here will be your other 2 mounting locations for the brackets in each position here on the truck. Now we have our nutsert inserted into the inside rocker panel and we have our nut plate and bolt into position. Let's go ahead and take our front bracket and put our top here over our bolt. That will get secured with a 1/2" flat washer, 1/2" split lock washer and a 1/2" nut. Put that on there loosely so you can hold your bracket up there into place so it doesn't fall off while you're getting your other hardware. For the bottom 2 mounting locations we'll be using an M10 bolt, a split lock washer and a flat washer. You have to take the bolt, get it lined up in the hole and the bracket while you're holding it in place and get this one started to thread that into the M10 nut on the plate. Again, we take another M10 bolt, split lock washer and flat washer. We'll fit it into that other oval here by the weld seam into our nutsert that's in the frame. At least we'll get everything started hand tight. Here is our front bracket. We'll slide down the frame and you can see right here another 2 holes, another piece tape of tape covering up the oval hole. Just take that and peel that off to expose our mounting location. The mounting hardware is the same for each location, so again we'll go to the rear hole, take 1 of our nutserts, push that in there. Take a hammer, give that a couple taps and it will seat itself into that hole. Take 1 of our M10 bolts and our bracket. Use our round hole here at the bottom to line that up. Just throw that in a few times to seat that nutsert. Again, we'll take another nut plate that has the M10 nut and an M12 bolt and we'll feed that into the hole. Has the plastic square washer on there to hold that and to keep it from getting pushed into the rocker panel. We'll spin that around and again that hole will line up with the forward attachment point here for the center bracket. Here's our center bracket. Our mounting location for our nerf bar will be facing forward. Take our M10 bolt, flat washer, split lock washer, get that lined up with the nut plate on the inside. Get that started. You may have to get a hold of the bolt here at the top, twist it a little bit to get that lined up. Get that started hand tight, 1/2" washer, 1/2" split lock washer and our 1/2" nut for the M12 bolt here at the top and another M10 bolt, flat washer and split lock washer for the nutsert position. Here's our center bracket that we have mounted. All the hardware is just hand tight. We'll slide down the frame here to the rear and again, 2 more holes and another piece of tape to cover up that oval position. Take that and peel that back to expose that mounting location. Here at the rear position on both sides the only difference is you'll see on our bracket the mounting locations for the nerf bars, this flange will be facing the rear. The front 2 brackets will face the front. This one will go towards the rear. Take our final M10 bolt for this side, split lock washer, flat washer and feed it into the nutsert. We'll go ahead and take a ratchet and tighten these down, snug them up a little bit. That way they're secure when we set our tube step into place, then we can get our tube step secured to these, make sure it's level, then we'll go ahead and tighten and torque our brackets to the vehicle. We'll go ahead and take a 16 mm socket, snug these 2 bottom ones down just enough so it holds its position when we set our tube step into place. We'll go ahead and repeat that for the other 2 brackets. Here for our mounting locations for our tube step, we'll take the cap-headed screw that comes with the kit, the serrated washer, feed that over, flat washer. That will go up through the bracket into the nutsert on the bottom side of our tube step. Now we'll go ahead and get an extra set of hands to help set our tube steps into position. We'll go ahead and take our tube step, line up the nutserts here in the tube step with our brackets. Take our cap-head screw and get that started. We'll go ahead and get those started at each one of our brackets. If you need to, it does come with an Allen wrench with the kit. Just put the screw on there so you have a little more access here to it. You want to go ahead a make sure from the outside of the truck that your step is level and where you want it and then you can go ahead and tighten and torque the brackets and then tighten and torque the nerf bar to your brackets. Go ahead and start with the M10 bolts here. We'll start out by torquing the 1/2" bolt here on each one of the brackets, then we'll move down to our M10 bolts here, and then to our cap-headed bolts on the tube step. Now we'll go ahead and run these down and then torque them as specified in the instructions. These tube steps do come with an Allen wrench that's provided. If you have one that's attached to a socket, makes it a lot quicker. Go ahead and use a 6 mm Allen wrench for these cap-headed screws. Once those are run down, we'll go ahead and just torque those as specified in the instructions. Now that we have everything tightened and torqued down, we can go ahead and repeat the process of installing the nerf bar on the driver's side. That will do it for our quick look and installation of the Westin Pro Traxx Oval Nerf Bars in the polished stainless steel, part number 21-23560, on our 2015 Ram 2500 crew cab. .

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