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Westin Off-Road Driving Lights Installation - 2019 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the Westin Off-Road Driving Lights on a 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Shane: Hi I'm Shane with Today you're going to be taking a look, I'm going to walk you through the installation on the Westin offroad lights on your 2019 Toyota Forerunner. As you can see here, we have these installed on the Westin Sportsman grill guard.Now if you're one of those offroad enthusiasts. Maybe you like to go camping out somewhere where it's secluded, not a whole lot of lighting on the roads. These are going to help you add lighting so you can see down that path. They're going to hook to a relay, which connects to your battery.

And you're going to have a separate switch inside, so you can control them whenever you need to.They're going to be six inch round lights, metal casing, a plastic guard. Metal casing's going to have a black powder coat finish, which they're also available in chrome finish. Our plastic guard here, this is going to help protect your lights if you come in contact with any of those trees or anything like that when you're going down that path. These are replaceable and they can be found here at These are going to be a no drill application.

They're going to come with all the necessary hardware to get them installed.Now when I'm comparing these to other types of lights. You have your flood beams, you have ut spot beams, and you have LED lights. These are going to be spot beams, which is going to give you a lot longer beam straight out in front of you, but not quite as wide. Flood beams are going to give you a lot wider, but they're not going to go as far out. And then when you compare them to like LED lights, these are halogen.

LED lights you don't have to replace bulbs. With your halogens you have the potential of having to change out the bulbs sometimes. But with the LED lights you don't get custom grill guards like this. You don't have a whole lot of protection on the front of that light. If it breaks, you're pretty much out.

You have to get a new light. With this you have protection over your bulbs and these guards are replaceable.The switch that comes in the kit is a lighted switch. So you know when your lights are on, the switch is lit up. When they're off, the light goes off. You're going to have four mounting locations. So depending on where you want them. Our customer wants them mounted towards the middle, closer together. You're going to have a little rubber plug. You're going to pull the rubber plug off. We're going to take off the nut, the lock washer, and flat washer. Get our light, set it in place. Put on the flat washer, lock washer, and then the nut. And we'll tighten it down with a 9/16" socket. And repeat the same process for the other light.We're going to take our wires coming out of each light. I'm going to be adding heat shrink butt connectors. These do not come in your kit. However, they can be found here at This is really going to help protect your connections from corrosion, because they are outside of the vehicle. And you're going to do that same thing to the other light.Now we're going to remove our panel here on top. These fasteners we just push the center in, just like that and they come out. Go ahead and remove the panel. You're going to have a black wire like this in your kit. You're going to have two ends on it. We're going to cut those off. We're going to be connecting them to the black wires on the lights. This is going to be our ground wire for our lights. We'll strip back the short one and then the long one, we're actually going to end up trimming it down. And all I did with my wire is I just ran them right through the grill. It's going to be a matter of personal preference of how you run them through there. Then the other one, right there. Then we'll hook it on to the other black wire on the other light. And this end, we're going to take a self tapping screw and we're going to ground it somewhere on a metal surface.We actually have a couple of bolts right here. This runs right to the frame, it's part of the frame. I'm going to just loosen one of those bolts and that's where I'm going to ground my wire. You just want to make sure when you're grounding it, you're on metal, not on any plastic. We don't need to remove this all the way because our wire has an open end on it. So we can just slide it right underneath.We're going to have a wiring harness like this that hooks to our relay. The red wire coming off it is going to be split. This is going to hook into the red wires coming off our lights. So instead of mounting my relay first and then trying to get this down there. What I'm going to do is I'm going to hook my red wires up first and then I'll mount my relay. It's going to be the same way as we did the black wire. We're going to cut off the connectors because we're using the heat shrink. I'm going to go ahead and cut this one. We'll strip them back just like we did the other ones.Now we're going to hook these to the red wires on the back of our lights. Now I'm going to run my harness. I'm going to go over top of this plastic brace here behind my driver's side headlight. We're going to have one blue wire. It's going to have a fuse on it. This one goes to the positive side of the battery. This long blue one, we're going to route inside of the vehicle, which is going to be connected to the switch. And we're going to have a black wire that's going to be grounded. I'm going to use a factory ground there. I think I'm going to mount my relay right here. That way when I'm done I can clean up my wires, everything stays nice and tucked in out of the way, make it look as factory as possible.I'm just going to use a self tapping screw. The self tapper doesn't come in your kit. You can find them anywhere. I'm going to go ahead and connect it. I'm just not going to hook up to my battery just yet. Ground wire, 10 millimeter socket. Then we'll tighten our bolt back down.On our driver's side, right on our firewall we're going to have a large rubber grommet that all of our wiring is running through to the inside. Blue one that I'm running inside the vehicle, ran from here around the side of my battery. I went underneath my ground wire, behind this bracket here that's holding the fuse panel onto the body. Back to the rubber grommet. I sliced a little hole in it and then fed my connector in through.Now as far as mounting your switch inside the vehicle, once you get your wire ran in. It's going to look like this. The center part does pop out of it. So you don't necessarily have to use this casing. If you do want to use it, you'll just take a . it comes with a couple screws that are attached in the back. You can mount it anywhere on the bottom of the dash, wherever you like. Our customer actually wants it right here. So what I'm going to have to do is I'm going to have to pull this panel off, pop this out and I may have to cut this, the center of this out so that this will fit in there. I think this switch is just a little bit smaller than that space. So again, matter of personal preference. You want to use that, that makes it easy. You can just put it right on the bottom of your dash here.I'm not going to have to take the panel off. I was able to reach up in there and pop this out. There's little tabs right here on the top and bottom. What I did is I actually made a piece to fit around it. There's actually OEM plugs that you can buy probably at your local dealership for offroad lights that will fit right into the spot here. And it should hook directly up to the wires that you already have ran. I cut out a piece that will fit in there that will fill it. You can do it with this piece. You just have to mark it and cut it out. And then you can take that edging and it'll slide right up inside of there just like this.You're going to make sure you get it where it's going to hold just like that. And then when we hook up our switch, our switch will pop right into place and it'll actually fill all that in. Before doing this, we want to make sure we hook up our wires. We're going to have three wires to hook up, our blue one, which is running to our relay into our battery. Black one, that's the extra one that comes in the kit. That's going to be your ground. And it can be grounded anywhere as long as it's on metal. I just grounded it right at the kick panel here.As you can see my self tapper right there, right into the side panel of the vehicle. And the only thing we have left is our red wire. Now the red wire, they want you to hook to the parking lamp circuit or parking lamp wire. What I'm going to do instead of doing that, because the only thing this wire is doing is the illumination for your switch. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to tap it right into the fuse panel. So I ran it through the grommet and I extended my wire enough where it will reach the panel and we can hook these up to the switch.With these fuses, they're micro fuses with the short stems. So we got these if you use a fuse setup like this. We do have these. You can find them here at And all I did was tested the fuses to find one that's hot all the time. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to pull this 10 amp fuse out. Stick it in here and then replace that fuse with this tap. Before doing that, the fuse tap comes with a butt connector on it because it's going to be in the engine compartment, I cut it off and I'm going to use a heat shrink butt connector. This is just my extended wire coming from where it's going to be hooked into my switch. We can take our heat source and shrink up our butt connectors.Go ahead and replace the fuse that we just put in the tap. I'll run this right over to this side. And what I might do is cut just a little bitty notch out of this. So that wire doesn't get smashed when I put the lid back on. But before doing that, I'm going to get everything hooked up, test everything out, make sure it's working correctly. Then we just need to hook up our power wire going to our relay, which is going to power our lights. Hook it up to the positive side of the battery. Use a 12 millimeter socket, go ahead and remove the nut. Just like that. Then we can plug in our switch.On the side of our switch, we're going to have one, two, three. You can see that the on is up, gold post. We're going to start at the very bottom. Bottom is going to be red. Middle is going to be blue. And top is going to be our ground. Now that we know our switch is working, we'll make sure our lights are working. Then we can clean up our wiring.Once you've got all your wires hooked up, you've tested out your lights and everything's working correctly. Get your wires cleaned up, go ahead and reinstall your panel then you're ready to go. Again, I'm Shane with I hope this video has helped you during your installation or whether you're still deciding on the Westin offroad lights on your 2019 Toyota Forerunner.

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