Westin Sure-Fit Front Floor Liners Review - 2017 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Westin Sure-Fit Front Floor Liners on a 2017 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Ford F150 SuperCrew cab we're gonna be taking a look at the Western Sure-Fit custom auto floor liners for the front seat. These are in tan, part number 72-130069. These are also available in black and also gray. Our Western mat is gonna be custom molded to fit with the contours of our F150's floor. As you can see, it's gonna follow along really nicely with all those edges and it's gonna go up past our pedals in the front so we know that we have protection even going up to our gas pedal and our brake. It's got raised sidewalls that's gonna keep any spills contained within the mat so that we don't have anything seeping onto our floor and it has a non-slip copolymer design.

So not only will it keep our feet dry, but it's also gonna give a nice non-slip surface, so that we don't have to worry about slipping as we get in and out of our F150.It also has the attachments points on either side to match up with the nubs that are already there. But if your truck doesn't have those, it also has poke and loop attachments that you can use on the back to attach to your carpet. If we compare it to our old factory mat, we can see that our Sure-Fit floor liners are gonna do a much better job of covering our carpet, keeping it protected. They're gonna go up .. They're gonna extend from the center console here all the way to the outer edge by our door.

So that way we know that no matter what we track inside our F150, it's gonna be contained on our mat.And on our passenger's side, we're gonna do the same thing of removing that old factory mat and replacing it with our new mat from Western. Passenger side is gonna have all the same features as our driver's side. It's gonna match right along with the contours going nicely up underneath our dash and all the way to our threshold here. So again, anything we track inside our truck is gonna be contained on our mat. Whenever it does come time to wash our mats, it's just gonna be as simple as taking it out, hosing it off using some soapy water and then letting it hang out to dry.

That'll do it for our look at the Western Sure-Fit custom auto floor liners for the front seat on our 2017 Ford 150 SuperCrew cab.

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