Westin Driving Lights Installation - 2006 Ford F-150

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How to Install Westin Driving Lights on a 2006 Ford F-150

Today in our 2006 Ford F150, we'll be installing the Westin driving lights. Part number 09-0205. On this vehicle we'll be installing the lights onto the Western light bar, part number 37-02015. We'll be installing four lights in total. Let's go ahead and mount our lights first. To mount the light, we'll simply remove the nut and lock washer, install the light on the light bar and then reinstall the lock washer and then the nut and then tighten them down.

As I tighten them down, I'll make sure that the bracket is even on the light bulb bracket so that each light will be evenly pointing out in front of the vehicle. Now we got the light stud mounted, we'll need to tighten them down to the tilt of the light. This nut is on the side, it's already there, so we'll just need to tighten it down. We'll make sure all four even with each other. Now with all four installed, we move on to installing the light kit.

First we need to identify the parking light circuit. We'll simply turn on the turn on the parking light to the vehicle, identify which lights are lit up while this circuit is on, then we'll remove the connector using our test light to identify which wire is hot. As you can see here on the driver's side, we can easily get to the front parking light. We'll go ahead and press the locking tab of the connector and remove it from the circuit. Now we'll take my test light identify the hot wire.

After probing all three connection points the center pin triggers the test light, and looking at the back of the connector we see it's a brown wire.Now before we attempt to install our light kit, we'll go ahead and remove the negative battery cable so we don't short at anything out in the process of installing the wiring. Now with our lights mounted we can go ahead and start wiring them up. We'll start with the ground wire first. It will be the black wire provided in our install kit. It has two connections.Starting on the driver's side, we'll connect the long end of the lead and then we'll route it all the way to the fourth light on the passenger's side.

Because our kit is only a set up for two lights and we'll be connecting all four, we'll go ahead and cut the brown wire and wire in the center two lights using bud connectors. Now with the ground wire connected to the fourth lights, we'll take the red wire, it will have the same two connection points as our black ground wire, connect the first and fourth lights. We'll repeat the same process connecting the center two lights to the red wire. The red wire will connect with the white wires coming out of the lights opposite of the black wires. Next we'll go ahead and start routing the wire into the engine compartment. Taking the relay in, feeding it through the bumper and up behind the bumper on the passenger's side. We'll need to remove on the fasteners for the air deflector so we can feed it up behind the passenger's side headlight assembly. Now with the wiring routed into the engine compartment we'll go ahead and connect the relay. With the relay connected, we'll go ahead and mount it to the inner fender well next to the battery. Using a self-tapping screw, we'll simply mount it to the sheet metal. Next we'll take the white wire coming from our relay connector and it will be routed into the cabin of the vehicle. Keep in mind when routing any of your wire, to stay away from moving components such as steering or suspension or excessive heat such as exhaust. We'll simply follow the install the manufacturers wiring, over to the driver's side where we can enter the cabin of the vehicle through a gromet. As you can see now we're over on to the driver's side. There's already a wire run through a gromet and we'll just piggy-back through that same wire. Now that we've got our white wire into the cabin of the vehicle, we can go ahead and take the pig tail from our wiring connector that leads to the switch, connect it to the spade connector for the wire we just ran into the cabin. Now on our pig tail we also have a black wire which is a ground wire for the switch throughout the black wire over to the breaking actuator and using a self-tapping screw ground or black wire directly to the metal of the parking break actuator. Next we'll take the yellow wire which we'll connect to the parking light circuit that we identified earlier, extend the wire using a bud connector, route it back into the engine compartment through the same gromet we used to route our white wire through and route it all over to the wire that we previously identified as the brown wire on the parking light circuit. Using a quick spice connector, tie inline with our parking light circuit. Now we've made our connection we'll go ahead and close the class with the quick spice connector and reinstall the headlight plug. Next we'll take the switch and route the plug down underneath the dash where we can make a connection. On the back of the switch is a two-way hosier 0:06:21, we'll go ahead and peel back and attach it directly to the dash near the steering column making the switch accessible while driving. Now we'll make the connection with our pig tail that we connected earlier and then we can go ahead and take some black zip ties and secure the excess wiring up underneath the dash. Then to clean up our install look we'll go ahead take a pair of side cutters and clip off any excess from the zip ties. Next we'll get underneath the vehicle and ground our black wire that we attached to the light earlier directly to the frame. Once again we'll use a self-tapping screw to ground it directly to the frame. Now we have two connections left. It will be our power and ground for our relay. Our power wire is the red wire with a built-in inline fuse. We'll connect it here to the positive battery post. Simply remove the nut, install the ring terminal and reattach the nut. Now we're ready to go ahead and reinstall the negative battery power cable to the negative battery post and our black ground wire to the battery post securing it and securing the clamp at the same time. Next we'll go and test the lights. Turn the headlight switch to the parking break or headlight indicator. This will then trigger our running lights that we just installed. As you can see the green light is lit up on our switch indicating that the lights are ready to be used. Next we can go ahead and press the button and turn on the front running lights. Then to turn off our running lights we'll simply press the button again. As you can see after we turn off the headlight switch, it no longer allows power to the front running lights. The parking lights or headlights must be on in order to trigger the front running lights. Now with our install complete, we can go ahead and reinstall and components that were removed or adjusted during the install. To clean up our install look we'll cut off any excess from our zip ties. That will complete the install of the Westin Driving lights part number 09-0205 on our 2006 Ford F150.

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