Westin Truck Bed Mats Review - 2019 GMC Canyon

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Review of the Westin Truck Bed Mats on a 2019 GMC Canyon

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today we have a 2019 GMC Canyon, and we're going to do a test fit of the Westin custom fit truck bed mat. Now, this mat has been designed to line the contours of the inside of your truck bed, to give you a really solid surface to haul gravel on, maybe a bunch of tools. It's going to protect your truck bed from any type of scratches or dents or dings.Now, as you can see, our Canyon has a spray-in bed liner already, which is already doing half the job of the mat does by preventing scratches. However, the mat is still a great addition for trucks even though you have a spray-in bed liner, because if you ever drop a tool or haul a bunch of gravel in here, you don't want any dents in your truck bed.

You want it to be able to hold up for a long time. With this one, it's going to do a great job with that. And you can see it lines our truck bed very well at the wheel wells and at the corners.You can see all of these nibs right here that are going to help keep it in place. It's going to have it like that. I'm just going to grab and try to pull, and it's not really moving too much.

It does have a good amount of weight to it. Especially if you have tools or toolboxes sitting on top, it's going to weigh down so it doesn't move at all. It's also going to be slip resistant, so if you have coolers, toolboxes, anything back here, it's not going to slide around due to sharp turns, sudden accelerations or sudden braking.Now, something that I really like about this mat is that it's made out of 100% recycled rubber. Overall, the mat is very high quality. It's not just your standard floor mat that would go inside the cab of your truck.

It's a lot thicker and a lot more heavy duty, and it's going to hold up great to a lot of abuse.Well, now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how easy it is to get it installed. Now, install is a breeze. I went ahead and unrolled it and then laid it out in the sun for a little bit, just so that the bows in it would be flattened out. So now that they are, I'm just going to hold it in this hotdog shape and then just get it back in the truck bed. You need to just walk up to the front and pull it the rest of the way.

Just make sure you get it lined up with all of the curves of your truck bed. Now, just go through and double check and make sure you got it lined up correctly with all the spots. Other than that, you're going to be ready to load up your truck bed and hit the road.Well, thank you all for watching, but that's going to do it for our look at the Westin custom fit truck bed mat on our 2019 GMC Canyon.

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