Westin Custom Fit Truck Bed Mat Review - 2020 Toyota Tacoma

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Review of the Westin Custom Fit Truck Bed Mat on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Everyone Shane here with etrailer.com. Today I have a 2020 Toyota Tacoma. We're going to be taking a look at the Westin Custom Fit Bed Mat. The first thing you determine before you get a bed mat is what do you use the back of your truck for Do you use it because you carry wood, stuff that may damage or slide around in the back of the truck I would go with more of a rubberized one. If you use it for more like luggage because you travel a lot, I would go with more of a carpeted one. You have rubber ones like this that are very thick rubber and what they do is they hold everything in place.

So, if you have a bucket of tools up here or you have some wood back there, but it's short blocks where it doesn't extend the length of the bed, it's not going to slide around when you hit the gas or you hit the brakes. For example, a pile grip, how much grip the bed has, or the mat has. I have a bucket here and its got a bunch of bolts and stuff in it. On a plastic bed if it's not tied down, that's what it does. With this mat you can actually see I'm able to move the truck with that bucket barely moving on this mat.

If that doesn't tell you this mat has grip, I don't know what will. We take a closer look at this mat. It's actually going to be 5/16 thick. It's going to be constructed out of 100% recycled rubber. It's going to be very durable.

Our bed here is actually a plastic bed on the Tacoma's and you'll notice this individual obviously uses their bed as a truck bed, throwing wood and stuff in here. The bottom of our mat actually has little nibs on it. This is going to grip to this plastic to keep the mat from sliding around. It's also going to raise the mat up so if any water happens to get underneath it allows the bottom of the mat to dry, it doesn't hold moisture. Top of our mat is going to have ribs as well.

So if something gets spilled on it, it'll drain down the sides instead of onto the bed of the truck. Our one downside to this mat is on a Tacoma there's actually a tie-down right here in this corner and the mat covers it. However, there's a couple of options. If you use it, it's going to end up folding the mat up like that. Now the heat will allow it to settle down again. But if it was mine, I honestly what I would do is I just cut a little section out right over top of that fastener. That way my mat will lay flat and I still have access to that tie-down. This mat being custom fit, is going to fit the contour and the shape of the truck bed. Really the installation, not difficult. Just make sure you have the cab side to the one side, lay it up there, roll the rest of it out. You'll notice how this is kind of, it is going to come rolled up in a bag, so you'll notice how this is kind of raised. If you leave it set out in the heat, this will flatten out when the rubber heats up. Cleaning process is pretty simple. Spray it off with a hose, take a brush, soapy water to it if you need to, rinse it off, let it dry and you're ready. We just looked at the installation of the Westin Custom Fit Bed Mat on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma..

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