Westin Safari Light Bar Installation - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How to Install the Westin Safari Light Bar on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today on our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee well be installing the Westin Safari Light Bar with installation kit part number 30-0005-1135. To begin our installation well need to remove the black plastic cover that covers the sway bar here. There are four fasteners holding it in place. Well remove the fasteners and set them off to the side with the cover as we will not be reinstalling it. Now, the holes where the fasteners came out of are actually threaded and they are the holes that we will mount our brackets to, to hold our bar in place. At this point well go ahead and clean the threads out of the ball holes here using a brass penetrant and the nylon tube brush part number 814092.

Well also take one of the bolts here in our hardware kit and use it to run into the holes making sure that the threads are completely cleaned out. You may need to do this a few times making sure you get all the rust, dirt, and debris out of the holes. Now, that we have our holes cleaned out well take our bracket here for the passenger side, put it in to place and using our hardware which is a bolt, lock washer, and flat washer well put it through the bracket and in to the hole. Well do this for the remaining three fasteners installing the other bracket near the driver side. Well then go ahead and run the fasteners down without tightening up the bracket.

At this point well get an extra set of hands to help us hold the light bar in place as we take the remaining hardware which is the half inch bolt, flat washer, and lock washer pass it through the bracket and in to the light bar where well threaded in. With that done on both sides our light bar is loosely fastened, we can then work our way around tightening up the fasteners, securing the light bar in place. Now, the light bar does have some adjustments so as youre tightening it down you want to make sure that its even with the truck without touching the vehicles bumper at all. Well then go ahead and torque it to specification as indicated in the instruction. With that done our light bar is on which will complete our installation of the Westin Safari Light Bar with installation kit part number 30-0005-1135 on our Jeep Grand Cherokee.


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