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Wesbar Mini Clearance and Side Marker Trailer Light Installation

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How to Install the Wesbar Mini Clearance and Side Marker Trailer Light

Shane: Hey, everyone. Shane here with Today, I want to walk you through how to install the Wesbar mini side marker clearance trailer light.This is going to be an incandescent light. It's going to work with 12-volt systems. It's going to be a completely sealed system, so it doesn't necessarily have to be used on the top. It's going to be waterproof, so if you have a boat trailer or something like that, you can mount it down on the bottom of the trailer.

So we're not going to have to worry about water getting inside, damaging the bulb. However, the light is replaceable, and it is very easy to replace. The lens does pop off.It's going to have a stainless steel bracket on the back side. We're not going to have to worry about rust and corrosion. When you compare this type of light to a flat light, this light, because it has a rounded top on it, it's going to produce a 90-degree angle of light to either side, to either side of its center line.

So it's going to give you 180 degrees of coverage. So if you have this mounted on the corner, you're going to be able to see it from the front of the trailer and from the opposite side of the trailer.Not only are these available in red, but they're also going to be available in amber. You can find those here at etrailer. As far as the installation side, it's pretty simple and straightforward. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk you through how to get it installed.To start our installation, we need to remove our old light, our old marker light.

This one already has a hole big enough for this to go through. It actually is a little bit bigger. So I'll probably put a flat washer on the inside when I put this nut back on. But what we need to do is to get this wire inside, I'm going to have to drill a small hole next to it.The reason I'm doing it that way rather than running this like this and then drilling a hole under it is so that where we run that wire through in that hole, it's a little bit more sealed. So we'll go ahead and drill that hole.

We just need a hole big enough for the wire to go through. Take our wire, feed it through the hole, get our light set in place, and then we can put our flat washer and our nut on the inside.Now we get all of our wires connected together. We got it connected. We'll test it out and make sure it's working correctly. Once you've tested it and you know it's working correctly, go ahead and seal up any holes you may have in your trailer from your previous light if you're not doing a direct replacement, and you're ready to go.That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Wesbar mini clearance and side marker trailer light.

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