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WeatherTech Universal Cargo Mat Review - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the WeatherTech Universal Cargo Mat on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with and today we're gonna be taking a look at the WeatherTech Cargo Area Protector, here on our 2021 Toyota 4runner. Now, this is important to note, this is a universal fit. So as you notice around the edges we don't have a perfect fit. This will require some sort of trimming to get it to fit in our back cargo area here, get it to move around those different shapes and contours pretty well and get an acceptable fit. But overall, I'd say this is a pretty good fit outta the box.

It comes right up to the edge of the cargo area right here and we get decent coverage on the edges. There's a little bit exposed here and towards the front, but overall we have decent coverage and I think it's a fairly good fit for the 4runner. Some other things I like about it are these rubber grips on the top here. If you're using this for a pet, this is gonna give them a lot to grip onto. It's gonna be easier for them if they like to stand up.

I know my dog does whenever they're in the back they wanna be up, they wanna be looking out the window, seeing what's going on, so this gives a bit more grip for them to stand on. And the whole thing is a pretty durable rubber. You've got good flexibility with it but it stays in place really well, so it's not gonna shift around underneath your pet's feet or with any of your messy cargo. If you are gonna pick this up and you don't already, I would maybe look into WeatherTech's other floor mats for the second row and the front. There are plenty of custom fit options for those that are gonna contour and fit the vehicle really well and get really great protection for any of those muddy boots or potential spills that might happen on your adventures.

If you are concerned about the lack of coverage up at the front here and especially on the back of the seats here, I know this area is a magnet for pet hair, we do offer an etrailer cargo area protector that will hang up by the headrests here, drape down, covering the back of your seats and drape out covering the cargo area. Now that isn't going to be as heavy and thick as this rubber material, maybe won't stay in place quite as well, but it will get good coverage up there. So if that's something you are concerned about this is going to be something for pets, I would maybe look into that. Overall, I think it's gonna be a good fit for the 4runner though. I like the material.

I know it's gonna be easy to clean. It's gonna be spill absorbent. There's tons of places here for, if there is a spill, for the water to pool up and it's going to stay in place really well over time. And that was our look at the WeatherTech Universal Cargo Area Protector here on our 2021 Toyota 4runner. Thanks for watching..

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