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WeatherTech Under Seat Truck Storage Box Review - 2021 Ford F-150

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Review of the WeatherTech Under Seat Truck Storage Box on a 2021 Ford F-150

Hey, everybody. How's it going Today, we're gonna be going over the WeatherTech Under Seat Truck Storage Box here on our 2021 Ford F-150. So this is what our truck storage box looks like installed in our vehicle here. Now, you'll notice the texture, the look of the material, really mimics all the factory, interior paneling. It's really hard to tell a difference between the two. This one's a little bit shinier since it's newer, but over time, I really think you're not gonna be able to distinguish the two panels, and this is gonna look pretty much like it would if it left the factory.

So if you guys are anything like me, I'm very OCD about my stuff. I like my vehicle to be nice and clean. Everything needs to have its own exact place. And with these trucks here, they really don't give you a lot of options for that. Therefore, adding this under seat storage system here, it's gonna give you guys a great place to store all your items you're gonna need out on the road since you can see we have our jumper cable, some ratchet straps here which every truck owners should have.

If you guys are hunters, you could easily store a rifle case under here. Overall, it's just a great way to keep track of all your items so they're in one place. You know where they are when you need them. A great thing about this under seat storage system is in the name. It actually gets stored underneath the seat, therefore although it looks rather large now, we're not actually reducing any of the cargo space of our vehicle here.

The space under the seat before is already gonna be unused, and we really can't utilize that any other way. Therefore, having a storage box here, as we can see, we put our seats down, it's not gonna make contact with the seats at all, and it's just gonna give us a great way to utilize the unused space that we had before. So we showed you that the seats are easily able to be sat back down. They don't actually make contact with the truck storage box here. That's because this is a custom fit, therefore this is actually molded specifically for this F-150 here.

It's gonna match the contours of the floor here and the height it needs to be so it doesn't make contact with the seat. So this is actually a custom-fit item designed specifically for your F-150. They do make universal under seat storage systems, but they don't always work as well. They also require sometimes modifying. This particular thing here, it's gonna be something we can install without having to worry about doing any modifications. So something else we'll notice if we take a closer look inside our storage tray here is that we have these little, handy, built-in dividers. Now, these are gonna allow us to really organize our different contents with just one long, open piece of storage. We're gonna throw stuff in there. But although we do know it's gonna be in one place, we're gonna have to fish it and dig throughout here, whereas if we have some smaller items, we could easily set them between the dividers and keep track of them a lot better. I'd also like to point out with that this is actually chemical-resistant, therefore if we wanted to keep some spare oil here under the seats, we could put it in here without having to worry about it spilling and seeping into our carpet. If it did spill, it would actually stay contained here in the storage container. So now that we've gone over some of the features of the storage system here, let's go ahead and show you guys how easy it is to install. So the first thing we need to do is we need to take our safety strap that comes in your kit. If we turn around our under seat storage system, we should on the back side see two little slots there. So what we're gonna do now is we're just gonna remove the buckle there. So just take this off. Then we're gonna take one of the strap. We're gonna feed it through the bottom hole there. We're gonna come underneath there. We're gonna feed the other end at the top just like that. Then we can go ahead and reattach our buckle just like so the same order we moved it. And there we go, just like that. So now we need to go ahead and fold our seats up against the backrest, clear everything out of the rear of our vehicle here, and now we can take our storage system and simply place it into position, slide it over, and butt it up against the back of our plastic just like so. And now we're ready to secure the under seat storage system here to the vehicle using the brackets here that hold our rear seats on. Now, if you find another method that's gonna work for you, that's totally fine. There's not really an exact process to this. But, basically, we're just gonna be looping the strap around the metal seat brackets there and then securing it to hold it in place. But if I'll take the female into the strap here, I'm just gonna loop it around the back of the bracket, reach in there like so, pull it out on this side here. And then I'll take our male buckle, I'll clip it into there. Now I'll pull this nice and tight here. I'll take our extra strap. I'm just gonna tuck it back there. And now the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and lower the seat just to make sure our straps don't interfere with any of the lacking mechanisms. I can look down in there. The strap isn't binding on anything. Test the seat as well. Looks to be clear there. So, yeah, no problems with how we have that mounted. And, again, if you find another bracket that works a little bit better for you, that's totally fine. We just basically wanna stop or limit movement here of this under seat storage system. I will say it may seem kinda loose now, but once we get this thing loaded down, it's gonna make it much more secure. And now that we have this storage system secure, we're ready to load it up with all those items we may need out in the road. We have our ice brush and ice scraper here. Got a spare umbrella. Every truck owners should have some ratchet straps with them. And for emergencies, we also have some jumper cables. Then last but not least, we have a breaker bar with a socket for our lug nuts. But now that we've got it loaded up here, all we need to do is simply put our seats back down, and now we're ready to haul the family with us. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the WeatherTech Under Seat Truck Storage Box here on our 2021 Ford F-150..

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