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WeatherTech Cargo Liner Review - 2020 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the WeatherTech Cargo Liner on a 2020 Toyota RAV4

What's up everybody. It's Aj with Today, we're gonna be checking out this weathertech cargo liner on our 2020 Toyota RAV4. There's gonna be a cargo liner that fills up and custom made for the back of your RAV4. You can see how it's etched out here around the sides even comes up along the sides too adding more protection so if something was spilled back here it would help contain it. It's also got this textured portion on it it's almost got like a checkerboard kinda look so that's also to help if those spills happen kinda direct them out of the center of the floor mat.

So you'd be able to pick this up and out very easily if it had a spill and kinda try and fold it together to try and get that mess outside that way you don't have to clean up the inside too much. I wanted to show you the custom fit a little closer you see how it goes in this section of the back cargo area. It goes all the way to the edge like it's supposed to. I like that there's no gaps there. I like that the high wall also protects from the edge.

It's gonna go all the way around up to the seat and that even goes up to help protect. I like how it fits in there as it's supposed to to be really great for protecting your back cargo area for whatever you wanna throw in there. Just throw in groceries in there, that's not such a big deal but let's say you're getting some bags of mulch or some concrete you wanna throw back there and you don't want that dust or that mulch leaking out or even like potting soil dirt anything it's all gonna stay on this liner. And I like that a lot better than trying to detail the inside of my car. I don't wanna have to get out the vacuum and clean all the nooks and crannies back here.

I'd rather just pull this mat out, spray off with the hose and let it dry. Now underneath, there's not really any nibs that you see for grip like on some floor mats, maybe more front floor mats or even the step on points that you see in the front floor mats but, it still stays in place. I think that's because there's gonna be a mixture of carpet and plastic back here so it wouldn't really work anyway but, you can see as I try and move it back and forth it moves a little bit but it takes a lot to get it to move. But I think 'cause it spits right in there snug the custom cut the way it is in there it's not going anywhere especially when it's in that cove over there it's gonna help hold it in place. Overall, I like this cargo protector, I like that it's rubber it's easier to pull out of here and clean it like I said earlier.

They do have some nicer ones that are carpet like the rest of the carpet kinda match the inside but those are new pain to clean too. It's nice that it has a little bit of an area of protection, but that you're gonna have to vacuum. I like this one because you just spray it down with the hose and get it clean no matter what mess is on there. Well, I think that does it thanks for hanging out, hope this helps..

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