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WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Review - 2021 Toyota Tacoma

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Review of the WeatherTech Front Floor Mats on a 2021 Toyota Tacoma

Hi there Toyota owners. Today in your 2021 Toyota Tacoma, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to replace your floor mats with the set of WeatherTech here in the front. We're gonna start on our driver's side. So the first thing I wanna do is remove your old floor mat. It's important that you take the old floor mat out. We don't want to stack floor mats up 'cause by stacking them up, the floor mat we're gonna be installing is custom fit for the vehicle.

And if there's a floor mat below it, it's not gonna fit down into its groove and it's gonna wanna slide around 'cause it is again, it's custom fit, designed to fit in these grooves and this will lift it up. So it also won't be able to snap into the attachment point here, which will again allow it to move around. It's possible that when it moves around, it could fold over and apply one of the pedals, hold it on. We wanna avoid all that altogether. So get this old floor mat outta here.

And when we take this outta here, what I'm gonna do before I put the new one in is we're gonna go ahead and do a little side by side comparison so you can see what the one we took out is like compared to our WeatherTech. So here we've got the two side by side, we've got our factory Toyota one here sitting next to the WeatherTech one. And there's a few things you notice right away. One, this is a much better formed fit than the one we've got here. This one's kind of floppy.

It wants to kind of fall over. This one holds its shape. And it's important that it holds its shape 'cause it's gonna do a couple of things for us. One, it's gonna help hold your floor mat in position. So it can't slide around.

The attachment's down there, you are gonna further help it with that. But additionally, this you can see here has raised edges all the way around it. Where on our factory one, we do have a raised edge, but look at how much smaller this raised edge is here in comparison with the WeatherTech. And this softer material, it could potentially fold over, fold away from your carpet and stuff could seep in behind it. Holding it's shape's gonna ensure that it stays formed fit so stuff can't get below it. So let's go ahead and install the new one now. We can see when we pick it up, it's much stiffer. Our floor mat, we'll just slide into position. Before we slide it in there though, I do recommend cleaning out the vehicle. So we're just gonna grab our vacuum here real fast and get all the dirt and debris out of there. Now that we're all cleaned up, our floor mat will just slide right into position And you can see it is nice and snug how it fits. Make sure that when you're sliding it in, you do go underneath the pedals. It falls right into place, twist your little tabs to lock it back in. And we've now got our mat installed. Our passenger side is gonna install very similarly. Just make sure you grab the old mat out of there, clean it up and you're ready to put your new mat in. And you can see how much higher this one sits around the outside. Especially towards the middle on the passenger side, how high that is, that's your foot that you're gonna be lifting off most of the time to hit the gas pedal and the brake pedal. There's a chance your heel could brush against the center humped there. And with the floor mat raised up that high, it's gonna minimize the chances that you're gonna touch any carpet area. The high raised edges is gonna ensure that on those muddy days where it's rainy out and muddy or maybe snowy weather as that moisture drips off your foot, it's gonna stay contained in our floor mat here. So it won't spill over onto our carpet. And we got that edging all the way around to prevent it from getting onto the carpet. There's also some channels in here, various different sections of channeling to keep the water away from your feet 'cause it'll be down in the lower section. So when your feet are sitting here, it's gonna be on the raised portions, keeping it up out of that water. So we're now here on the passenger side, we've got this one installed and we just did it the same way as the other side. And you can see we get the same benefits over here on this side as we do on the other side. That full cavity enclosure, it's gonna make sure that none of your dirt and moisture spills out. So your passenger's gonna get the same benefits and your carpet's gonna enjoy that over here as well. So you're ready to go ahead and do the offroading that you might wanna do in your Tacoma. And you don't have to worry about messing up that carpet when you might have to get stuck and hop out and do some things or just goofing around with your buddies, getting dirty, you can keep your vehicle safe. And that completes our installation of front floor mats from WeatherTech on our 2021 to Tacoma..

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