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WeatherTech All-Weather Front Floor Mats Review - 2016 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the WeatherTech All-Weather Front Floor Mats on a 2016 Toyota RAV4

Hey, everybody. Welcome to, I'm Bobby. And today, we're taking a look at the WeatherTech All-Weather Front Floor Mats for your 2016 Toyota RAV4. So I really do like these guys. I actually purchased these for my girlfriend on her vehicle. And it took me a little while to actually find a good floor mat for me because I just wanted something that's actually gonna be covering the ground, not to expensive for myself, and also, just doing a great job of preventing any kind of damage to the floor underneath.

And I'll kinda show you guys that here in a second. I really do you like how these guys work, very, very simple and straightforward. And what I like too, when you're getting it outta the box, you're gonna have a few little extra tabs here. And you kind of might see where I've already cut it, and that's really easy to cut up. You just take a little blade, shave off that extra bit, and that's gonna make it a lot easier to actually fit inside our vehicle.

Well, let's go ahead and start taking a closer look, huh So here we are, on the driver's side of our vehicle, have my driver's mat in hand. Taking a look here, his is the main reason we actually ended up buying ourselves a mat. Our heel here was starting to dig into our carpet underneath definitely creating an eye sore, and starting to dig in here which I definitely don't want to happen. So I went ahead and found myself a mat. And what we do, simply take it, and once we cut it to size, it becomes really easy to lay in here.

Towards the bottom of our mat, we are gonna have two open positions where we can start setting these in place. Of course, we have that little extra padding so it's gonna go a long way. And one thing I really like too here, we're not actually interacting with any of our pedals poorly, and that's one thing WeatherTech really wants us to check. Make sure that we're sitting nice and flush here, that way we can operate all of our pedals with no issue. So I do like the construction of here.

The pliable rubber is pretty nice. Now, there are those WeatherTechs out there that are a bit of a hard plastic. Now those are, I think, a little step above these guys. Now my, myself, I kind of do like the rubber a little more. It's just a softer feel for your feet. And they still do a very deep job of trapping in any kind of debris, especially here towards the bottom. So if you do have a lot of kind of snow melt or anything like that, or maybe sand or dirt, I would primarily try to kind of knock off my feet, A, outside my vehicle first, but then, B, kind of give a few stamps over here 'cause you can see, we have a little bit of a deeper channel on all of these points. So our bottom segment here, gonna do a better job of trapping any kind of liquids, while the top here, is really just giving us that support we're looking for to stop our heels digging into the floor of our vehicle. We're seeing these raise, kind of ovals here, which is great for ourself and giving us a little bit more padding to start protecting our vehicle. So taking a look here on the passenger side, just checking our fit as well. You can see, we do have a custom cut here, getting around our seat post as well, conforming to almost the entirety of our carpet. Now, we do you just have a few little areas being left open. However, my big thing is, we also have the underneath here being really well covered. I love how we're staying against that side wall and I love that we're extending past into that glove box compartment. Why I say that, I do have long legs, as I mentioned before, and it's really nice if I can stick them up there and I'm not too worried about also ruining that carpet underneath. Well guys, all in all, I think the WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats are a great option for yourself if you just want a little protection that doesn't break the bank, just like I do, and that way you're not damaging that carpet or getting any kind of debris or stains on your vehicle, making the resale just a little bit easier for ourselves. And of course, just making sure that our car looks nice for the future for ourselves, which is great. Otherwise though, I think that about does it for our look here today at the WeatherTech All-Weather Front Floor Mats on our 2016 Toyota RAV4. I'm Bobby. Thanks for watching..

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