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WeatherTech Rear Floor Liner Review - 2015 Ford F-250

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Review of the WeatherTech Rear Floor Liner on a 2015 Ford F-250

Today in this 2015 Ford F250 Super-Duty we're going to show you the WeatherTech floor mats for the second row, part number WT443052. This is also available in a couple of other colors. Grey is part number WT463052 and tan is part number WT453052. This is what the WeatherTech floor liners look like when they're installed in the vehicle. We'll go ahead and look at the side here. You see how it actually wraps around the bottom edge of the seat, matches the contoured of the floor.

It gives protection between the threshold and the carpet. Then it gets wet, possibly drain down here, and out the threshold. We can see how it actually goes up along the side pillar here. It offers the same protection. It has a raised edge as well. Follow the contour floor where it rises up a little bit.

It also has that built-in rise as well with the edge to protected too. Next go ahead and look at the texture of it. You can see it has these ridges inside here. Anything wet on your shoes can drain off and it will fall between the ridges and pool up inside here. Also, if you touch it it has a textured surface.

It gives your shoes some grip while you're sitting there as well. We are going to take a look at the passenger side. You can tell it is honesty it's just a mirror image of the driver side. It's one complete unit that goes all the way across. We will go ahead and more to the other side and take a look underneath. It does look like a smooth finish.

It does have a little bit of a tacky feel to it. It does stick to your carpet so it won't move around. Plus matching the shape of the floor helps as well. One thing you want to notice we have nothing underneath the floor liner. It's best to remove the original floor mats. These are designed to work with the stock carpeting and nothing else. Basically to install them you just lay them in place like any other mat. If you ever get them dirty, it's simple, you just go ahead and peel them back out. Go ahead and wash them off. Hose them with some soap and water. Maybe a brush to get some of the debris off and allow them to dry. Put them back into your truck. Also, one part of the install process when you first get the floor liners . like in this one right here. It doesn't quite match up. That's because our floor liner is basically straight out of the box. Once it gets warmed up a little bit it will actually match exactly to the floor's contour. Once you first get them just go ahead and lay them into place. If you can put them in a warm garage or better yet in a sunny location will warm them up quite nice and then they'll form fit to where they're suppose to be. With that, that'll finish it for the WeahterTech second row auto floor mat, in black, part number WT443052 on our 2015 Ford F250 Super-Duty Crew Cab. .

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