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WeatherTech Cargo Liner Review - 2020 Ford Escape

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Review of the WeatherTech Cargo Liner on a 2020 Ford Escape

Howdy everyone, John here. And today we're taking a look at the WeatherTech cargo liners here for our 2020 Ford Escape. Now, I always recommend having some kind of protection in the back cargo area, whether that be a cargo liner or some kind of protection gear. You never know what you may have, whether that be your equipment, just general cargo, or if you happen to have some furry friends, you don't wanna get all the hair and debris or any spills that may come with that. Now, this is also why I consider WeatherTech to be a good choice because it's custom fit, and it has these ridges. These ridges are gonna be nice because it's gonna hold not only things like let's say bags, a little bit of a placement better than if it was just a slick plastic.

But it's also gonna be easier for, say a dog or a cat to hold onto that specific flooring. It's also gonna keep all the liquids in the same area, so if you have a spill, or let's say the milk breaks or anything like that, you're not gonna have to worry about it as much, and it's easier to take out and then spray off. Now, I do recommend that if you are going to get this, leave it out in the heat for a little bit, let it get where it's going to be more malleable, and it will mold a little bit better. As you can see right now, it's during a colder season so it's not easy for us to get it molded like it would other times. But it's popping up just a little bit, nothing really too much to worry about, but it will hold up to basically anything you could run into, whether that be water, mud, dust, or even things like oil.

Now, something I would pair with this is getting the etrailer cargo protector. It's going to be basically a set of cloth that's going to go down the side and then all the way down. Now you may think, oh, I've got this protected. Well, let's say that you have dogs, I have two yellow labs at home, and they're gonna brush up against this and that's where you're gonna get all your hair. So having not only this, but that cargo protection is going to help a little bit more.

But if you're planning on getting the WeatherTech system for, let's say your front or your back seats, you might as well get the cargo as well. I personally think this is the right place to get it, and I would go with this over some of the others. Thanks for watching..

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