WeatherTech Bug Shield Installation - 2011 Ford Ranger

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How to Install a WeatherTech Bug Shield on a 2011 Ford Ranger

Today on our 2011 Ford Ranger we're going to install the Weathertech Bug Shield, part number wt50122. To begin with you may want to go ahead and clean the front edge of the hood b because once the bug shields on it may be a little difficult to clean underneath it. Let's begin by raising the hood' you'll notice there's a rubber strip at the front edge of the hood. There are three small fasteners as well as some adhesive that holds this strip to the hood.You'll need to remove this before the installation of the bug shield. You can usually get your fingers underneath and just pop them out. For the adhesive it works best to not scratch the hood-you can slide your finger along it slowly pulling on the weather stripping piece and it will slowly pull off.

This will be reused later in installation.Now that we've got this removed we'll place the bug shield in place making sure that the holes line up. To begin with you will use the fasteners which are two pieces and insert them in the two outer edge holes on the bug shield. A Phillips head screwdriver will help in pushing the new fasteners in place. Now that these two are on take the rubber strip that we removed earlier and take out its fasteners.For the remaining three attachment points we'll insert the fitting through the rubber strip in the bug shield and into the hood. Next we will go ahead and close the hood down and see where the bug shield may hit the hood potentially.

As you can see on our particular model the center section doesnt appear to have enough flexibility-it'll actually come into contact with the hood.With the two sides we'll need to use the little bump-on pieces that are supplied with the kit to keep it from making contact with the hood. Once you found the location that works the best for your application go ahead and peel the backing off of the bump-on and place it on the hood pressing firmly to adhere it to the hood. That completes our installation of our Weathertech Bug Shield, part number wt50122 on our 2011 Ford Ranger.

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