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Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2015 Volkswagen Passat

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2015 Volkswagen Passat

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 Volkswagen Passat, we're going to be taking a look at it and showing you how to install Tekonsha T1 vehicle wiring harness, with four pull, flat trailer connector, part #118646.Now this four pole is going to give you all the necessary lighting for your basic trailer setup. Your wires are marked and they're going to tell you which wire does what. This is what our wiring harness looks like when it's installed. You can see it's going to live inside the vehicle.When you want to use it, simply unroll is, you're going to lay it over the top of this rubber piece here. You want to stay away from any connection points. We'll close the trunk lid, and you can see you have plenty of wire to use as needed.

When it's not in use, roll it up and you can stow it away in a side compartment.First thing we need to do to begin our installation, we need to get inside our trunk. We need to remove our panels. We're going to start with our floor coverings. We'll just set them aside. We're going to remove this sill panel here.

We're just going to pull up on it to release the clip, and we'll set it aside.Next we're going to take a #3 hex bit, we're going to take out these two fasteners, then you're going to have two on the passenger side also. Next, we're going to remove this foam piece. You're going to have another fastener here, and the same thing on the passenger side. We're going to take out this one, and you're going to do the same thing on the passenger side.Next, we can start slowly removing our panel out of the way. From here, what we're going to do is we're going to take our yellow wire, we're going to unplug the wire from out taillight.

We're going to plug one end into the wiring harness, the other end back into the taillight.Next we're going to run our green wire over to our passenger side. Remove your taillight, one side, other side back into your taillight. Now from here you can go ahead put this panel back in into place.Next, we're going to mount our modular box. Once we find a location, we're going to take some rubbing alcohol, we're just going to wipe down that spot to make sure we have a good, clean area, to that our double-sided tape will stick and hold the box in place. Once you apply your double-sided tape, go ahead and press it into place firmly, peel off your other side, mount it in your place that you picked.

And again, push it firmly into place.Next, we'll go ahead and find a good place for our ground. We're going to be using a 1/4" socket and self-tapping screw that comes in the kit. Make sure it's got a good firm hold. Next what I'm going to do for my power wire is I have an existing grommet back here that the wires are running through. I'm just going to put a little hole in it, so I can run my wire through.What I did, was I took some airline tube and I ran it through the hole, and I ran it down through the bottom of the car. Rather than taking the whole bundle of wire that I'm going to be running to the front of the vehicle and pushing it through the hole, I ran airline tube through. Now I'm going to go down, underneath the car, find the other end of the airline tube, hook my wire to it and pull it back through so all's I have is a necessary amount to hook up.As you can see, my airline tube came right out the bottom corner of the car. Just going to take the one end of the wire, feed it into the airline tube. You can run some electrical tape around there to hold it if you'd like. We'll come back up to the top, pull our airline tube back out till our wire comes out. And then replace your grommet. Now we can hook up to our power wire that's running to our modular box.Next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take a butt connector and connect it onto the end of my power wire that's coming out of my modular box, your other wire you've got coming out from the bottom of the vehicle. We're going to strip a little bit off the ends and we're going to hook it into the other end of our butt connector. Go ahead and crimp it down, make sure you got a good hold. I like to run some electrical tape around that connection for a little extra protection, and also just to help hold it in place.Next, we can take our excess, go ahead and push it back through into the hole. We'll go ahead and pull our green wire across, tighten it up and any other remaining wire. We're going to go ahead and zip tie them together. Now we can go ahead and put our side panel back in. Make sure you get this rubber seal over the top of your panel here. Once you've got your panels back in place you can go ahead and put your fasteners back into place also.We can put our kick panel back in place. And we want to make sure that we take our rubber trim here and pull it over the top of this. Now we can replace our foam covering. And then we can go ahead and put our floor covering back in.So now that we're down here under the car, we're going to run our power wire to the front of the vehicle. One thing I do suggest doing, is figuring out which side of your car you battery is on. That way you run it on the right side of the car. If you run it on the wrong side of the car, and you figure out when you get up there that the battery is on the opposite side, you may not have enough wire. So make sure you check that first, whether your battery is on the driver side or passenger side.I'll go ahead and route my wire up to my battery. Give me a few minutes, let me do that and I'll show you how I did it. What I did is I ran the wire back down the heat shield, right here, went over the top. Now because of all these moving parts and the exhaust pipe, I want to try to stay away from the exhaust pipe and any of the moving parts that are down here.So what I did was I found a spot right here and I zip tied it to the top of this frame. Ran it over the heat shield to right here, zip tied. Took a 10mm socket undid these nuts here and followed these existing line from the factory. I just threw a couple zip ties in here just to hold the wire up.From the top, I ran an airline tube down, gives me a path up to my battery. Hooked the line into the bottom of the airline tube, taped it up. Now we can go up top and pull our line up. We'll just slowly pull our airline tube up, till we get our wire.Next thing we're going to do is we're going to take the fuse holder, we're going to cut it in half. We're going to take both sides of the fuse holder, we'll go ahead and strip them back. On one side, we're going to put the yellow butt connector provided in your kit, crimp it down. Make sure you have a good hold. On the other side, we're going to put a ring terminal, crimp it down. Make sure you have a good hold. I'm going to go ahead and take some electrical tape and go around this ring terminal where it's connected onto my wire. Now we can set that aside.Now we're going to take our power wire. We're going to cut off what we need here. Go ahead and strip it. Then we're going to take the other end of our fuse holder, crimp down. Make sure you have a good connection. And again, we'll take some electrical tape.So now right here in our fuse panel. You can see our red battery cable that's running to our positive side of our battery. We're going to take this nut off using a 10mm socket. Put your ring terminal in. Once you have all your connections made, you can go ahead and put in your fuse. You want to make sure that you don't put in your fuse before you hook up your wiring, 'cause you don't want to short out your system.Now we'll go ahead and test it out, using part #I26. Brake lights. Left blinker. Right blinker. Running lights. That'll do it for the Tekonsha T1 vehicle wiring harness with four pull flat trailer connector, part #118646 on our 2015 Volkswagen Passat.

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