T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2014 Ford Explorer

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How to Install the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2014 Ford Explorer

Today on our 2014 Ford Explorer, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the inaudible 00:00:06 T-One vehicle wiring harness part number 118272. Here's where our seven way plug looks like fully installed in our vehicle. It's going to give us all the required lights in our trailer, such as the clearance lights, turn signals, and stop lights. Now, it has a spring loaded dust cap, so we don't have to worry about any moisture or debris getting inside when we're not using it. Now, it is made of a durable ABS plastic, and it is designed to work with our Explorer's factory tow package. Let's show you how we get it installed. To begin our installation, we're going to need to find our factory tow package wiring, which is going to be on the passenger side. If we just come to the muffler and go right back, and right in our fender wall here is where our plug is going to be.

Once we find this plug, we're going to find the tab on there and we're going to push in on that tab and it should release our plug. Now, once we have it open, we want to check and make sure that all our terminals are clean, and we don't have any dirt and debris inside of there. Now, we can take our harness and we're going to find the plug that looks very similar to the one on our vehicle. Now, I always recommend using a little bit of dielectric grease inside of our connections. If you don't have any you can pick some up on our website using part number 11755. I'm just going to put a small amount in the connector and that's going to help keep moisture out and keep the corrosion from building up. Now, we can plug our T connector into our vehicle's end and make sure that it locks into place.

We'll take the other plug and plug it in as well. Making sure our connections are secure. Now, we can start routing our wire towards our hitch where we're going to have our plug mounted. I've just routed my harness from the side, zip tying along the way. I just want to mention you want to keep clear of the exhaust that way it doesn't burn or melt the wires. Now, if you haven't removed the electric tape off the end of it, now would be a good time because we're going to start to wire up our plug. Now, the easiest way to start is we're going to have a large hole here and if we look, the largest wire is going to be our white wire.

Now, if you look in the hole, you're going to see it's going to be kind of a T shape. You're going to want to take your ground wire, or your white wire and put it into the large hole. When you push it in, you'll know you have it in there right, because it will lock into place and if not, you can just turn it around, put it in the other way, and it'll lock in. Now, I made things easy. If we're going to have that tab right here at the top, and we have our ground wire in place. We're just going to start going around, making it easier to keep track of what wires we need to put in.

Now, we're going to take our blue wire and if we just come right below and to the left of our ground wire here, our blue wire is going to fit in right next to there. We'll hear it lock into place. Now, we can take our brown wire and we're going to put it next to our blue wire, and our black wire is going to come next, and then our green wire, and then finally next to our white wire we're going to put our red wire. Then finally in the middle, is going to be our yellow wire. Now, in our kit they do give us a wire separator so once we have all of our wires connected, you can take it and we're just going to slide it into place and you'll see it has two ears on the end. We're going to push those ears into the channel right here, and just push it into place. That's just going to kind of help keep the wires from rubbing around and getting too crazy or getting tangled up on each other. Now, with our plug wired up, we're going to need to find a spot to mount our plug. Now, we're going to be using a seven pole mounting bracket and you can pick one of these up on our website using part number PK12711U. Ow, we're also going to be using a short mounting bracket, 18140. We can take our seven pole bracket here and we're going to put it right on top or on the bottom of our short bracket. We're going to take the provided hardware in our kids and we're going to drop down, Phillips screw through one of the holes, and then can take one of our locking nuts and put it on the back of that. We can repeat that for the other top bolt. The way our bracket is going to mount has a small lip on the back here, and that's going to go around our hitch and then we're going to have a clamp that's kind of like a hose clamp that we're going to use attach it to our hitch. We can just take our clamp and we're going to feed it through the hole in the top, and then we can reconnect it down at the bottom. Just feed our clamp through and then we come back, and using a 5/16 socket or nut driver, we can go ahead and tighten up that bolt. Now that we have our bracket in place, we need to put our seven way plug in place and from the front I'm just going to feed it through my bracket. I'm going to line up the holes with the holes on my bracket and I'm going to take some of the provided screws and feed them through. Then I can come to the back side and put on my locking nut. We're going to repeat that for the other remaining hardware. Go ahead and tighten up all of our screws and for the ones on top, if you didn't tighten them up all the way, you can actually tighten the nut up using a 3/8 socket. Now we can go ahead and get ready to plug our seven way into our socket. Again, take a little bit of dielectric grease and put it into my connector and get ready to come to the back side and plug it in. Just line up the tab on our plug and push it in until we hear it lock into place. Now all we have left to do is secure our excess wire. I just had a few zip ties and secured my extra wire behind my bumper here. With everything installed, we can go ahead and take our tester here, and we're going to make sure that all our lights and everything is working properly. I'm just going to plug it in, with an extra set of hands, I'm going to have them run over the front so we can make sure our lights are working. Here we can see that our clearance lights work. Now, if we get the left turn signal, the right turn signal, finally the brakes. Now our brakes and turn signals. Looks like everything's working good, and we're ready to hit the road, that'll finish up our look a the T-One vehicle wiring harness part number 118272 on our 2014 Ford Explorer.

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