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UWS Truck Bed Toolbox with Pull Handles Review - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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Review of the UWS Truck Bed Toolbox with Pull Handles on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Let's take a look, at the UWS truck bed toolbox on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500. The one you see right here is a matte black, but you can also get a gloss black, if that's the look you're going for. But, you could also get just the bare aluminum. So it all just depends on the look you're really going for. I think they all really look good. I just think trucks look better with a toolbox in the back.

So there is a different type of latch compared to some of the others. This one isn't just a pull up, it's a pull out. And it's very very easy to get it from each side. And the nice thing about it is, since we do have two latches there, we don't have to sit here and slam it down like some of the other tool boxes. All you have to do is just set it down, just like that.

And we're also gonna get some keys to lock everything up. And the locking core is on the driver's side. Which is pretty good, 'cause half the time you put all your stuff in here, and you're usually driving so you can go ahead and lock this thing up. We have two keys with our kit, which is nice. So once we go ahead and put this key in the right way, put it in there, lock it up.

It's not gonna go anywhere. But then when we unlock it, it's the same on the other side. I really do like the fact that I can close it on one side, that's really nice. It's not that hard to open it up. And with the gas struts on the inside, it opens up the first initial amount pretty quickly, but then it slowly goes back.

And we have plenty of room behind our lid, so it's not gonna make contact with your cab. Our lid does open up to a 90 degree angle. So if you do have the bigger bulkier stuff, you can just lift it straight up, and you don't have to kind of wiggle it out to the side. So I do like that. And notice all the room that we have back here. So we don't have to worry about any contact happening with our back hatch, because even if I do push this out all the way, it's not really gonna hit our cab. So that's kind of nice. There are some adjustments you can do, if it's not really closing right. We can loosen these up, kind of pivot these around, and make it close a little bit easier. Right now it's perfectly adjusted. We didn't even touch it out of the box. We had the same kind of adjustment for a little gas strut here. So if you wanted it to maybe open up a little bit less, you put it up taller. And if you wanna open up a little bit more, you can adjust this thing down. So you can really make it fit your needs Regardless of what color you go with, whether it's powder coated or just that bare aluminum, all of it's made of aluminum, besides a couple different things. Our a little pull handles here is made of stainless steel, so that's not gonna rust away over time. So they should work just as smooth, as they do right out of the box, for the remaining of its lifetime. And also all the other stuff around here, it's all gonna be made of stainless steel. So you don't have to worry about it really wearing down over time. Even though everything's made of aluminum, and whatever isn't, is gonna resist against rust and corrosion. Even if we do have a little bit of moisture get into the box, I really don't think it's gonna be a whole lot because we do have a nice seal around here. Also notice how the lid goes over top of the box. So there's a little overhang there. So that's also going to help that water not get up in there. Cause if it is raining kind of heavy and you're driving down the highway, water's going everywhere. Even if you are getting a car wash, on an automated car wash, the pressure's not gonna be able to go up in there, and seep into your tools. This box is the low profile box. And what that means, is the amount of height we're adding to the rails of the bed of our truck. So it's about three inches off of the rails, which is nice. This is a crossover style. So what that means, is we're gonna have a decent amount of space underneath. If you like to maybe haul some lumber or something like that, especially if you have a shorter bed. We have a Black Armour mat on here now. It's about a half-inch thick. We'll add a half-inch, to about 8 3/4". So about nine inches from the bare bed to the bottom of our toolbox. Plenty of room to fit a bunch of different kind of stuff. The overall length of this box, from one side to the other, is gonna be 69 7/8". The width is gonna be 20 inches, and the overall depth is gonna be 14 1/2". There's a lot of room to do a lot of stuff in here. So right now, we just have some little boxes of our plumbing fittings, a little dremmel. I really think that's kind of the best way to do this, is just to get different boxes, dedicated to certain tools and put 'em in here. So this isn't gonna be deep enough, to where you can put like a big five gallon bucket in it. But just so you know, from the base at the bottom, to the lip where the lids gonna sit, it's about 13 1/2". Another nice thing about it is, we do have some room for tools. So right here we have, about five different holes on each side, for our tools. But one thing to note, if we do put some taller tools like this, that gas strut will kind of hit it whenever you go down. So just be mindful of that. Just keep your shorter tools up front, but it is nice. Also another thing, for some of the smaller tools, we do have a little sliding tray that comes with it. One problem that I have run into, is some of these boxes don't have a guard for this rail. So this little rod right here, is gonna be what activates the unlock, whenever you pull the trigger on the outside. So you can fully pack this stuff in here, and you don't have to worry about locking up this little rod. Cause that does happen, if you pack this thing completely full. This rod won't want to move, and then your stuff's just locked in there. So they took care of that, with this little piece right here. Some stuff will not be able to fit long-wise, just because the width of the inside is about 17 inches, so measure some of your stuff. And we still will be able to put it like this, right up to that lip and still close. So just keep that in mind, whenever you're figuring out exactly, what you're planning on putting in your toolbox. It's kind of like Tetris. Everything will fit, if you kinda arrange it in a certain way. If I we're to compare this to the Weather Guard toolboxes, which are the most popular on our site, I really think that this is right up there with it. It's nice and sturdy. And a lot of the times, a lot of my buddies are either sitting on this, or standing on it. It's very, very solid. I don't think that the lids gonna cave in, even though it is aluminum. So it has a good mix of strength, but also lightweight. So it's really easy to put up on your truck by yourself. And at the end of the day, all we want to do, is just enable our truck to do a little bit more. And that's pretty much it, for a look at the UWS truck bed toolbox, on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500..

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