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UWS ProGrade Crossover Toolbox Review - 2000 Ford F-350

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Review of the UWS ProGrade Crossover Toolbox on a 2000 Ford F-350

Today were going to install part number UWS 07300. This is their Truck Bed Tool Box Extra Wide Crossover Style part of their Pro Series. To start off our install well go ahead and take the foam strips and attach them to the bottom side of the box. Well go ahead and clean out the bottom of the box with some rubbing alcohol and then attach the film strips. Well stay about 3/4-inch in from the edge of the box and well start from one end and work our way down. Now the strip is long enough so well go ahead and trim off our next strip to fill up the gap.

Then well go ahead and take the rest of the foam material and just put it on the inside. Repeat the same process on the other side. Now we can go ahead and take the box and put it into place. Its a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help lift the box into the bed and slide it towards the front. Then well open up the lid to make sure that we have plenty of room between the lid and the cap.

Once were satisfied with that well go ahead and take the box and even it up from left to right on the bed rails. Once were happy with that we can go ahead and start installing the hardware. Now the hardware comes with it as a hook that grabs the edge of the bed, a flat washer and a bolt. Well go ahead and show how everything is assembled before we install it in the toolbox. Lets go ahead and put our hardware in place, well put it in the slot thats preexisting in the truck box.

Well get it finger tight and then well go ahead and tighten it down. We dont have to have it really tight, just snug enough where the foam strips is just starting to get compressed and that we do not want to bend the rails. With that our box is already installed. There you have it for part number UWS 07300 from UWS.

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