UWS Aluminum Cargo Carrier Review - 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Review of the UWS Aluminum Cargo Carrier on a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today on our 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee well be test fitting the 23x51 Aluminum Cargo Carrier, part number UWS03511. Now weve already gone ahead and installed our cargo carrier into the hitch. We lined up the hitch pin hole and installed our hitch pin. With our safety clip on the other side of the hitch pin, this is what the cargo carrier would look like secured to your vehicle. Now, well go ahead and give you a few measurements. The cargo carrier will add an additional 25 inches of overall length to your vehicle.

It is also 2 inches from the closest point of the cargo carrier to the back of the vehicle. Now the exhaust on this vehicle exits the passenger rear and is approximately 7 inches from the cargo carrier platform, so there will be some heat transfer while youre driving down the road. One final measurement at the back of the cargo carrier, it has 12 inches of ground clearance. There you have it for the UWS 23x51 Aluminum Cargo Carrier, part number UWS03511 on our 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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