UWS Aluminum Cargo Carrier Review - 2012 Honda CR-V

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Review of the UWS Aluminum Cargo Carrier on a 2012 Honda CR-V

Alright, today were going to do a test fit of part #: UWS03511 from UWS. This is their aluminum cargo carrier. Well start off our test fit by installing the cargo carrier into the hitch, then well go ahead and install the hitch pin and clip. Next well go ahead and give you some clearance measurements. From the closest point of the bumper to the cargo carrier it will be 3 inches and the overall length will be 27 inches. Now the tailpipe of this vehicle does point directly at the cargo carrier and the distance is going to be 8 inches, so be careful of the items that you put on that part of the cargo carrier.

Our ground clearance will be about 12 inches. Okay now well go ahead and check for access to the back of the vehicle. Okay, that looks good and with that, that will finish it for our test fit of part #: UWS03511 from UWS on our 2012 Honda CRV.

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