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TruXedo Expedition Truck Bed Cargo Management Installation - 2018 GMC Sierra 1500

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How to Install the TruXedo Expedition Truck Bed Cargo Management on a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500

Today in our 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the truxedo truck luggage expedition truck bed cargo management system. Part number TX 1705211.The expedition cargo management system is a great way to keep your truck bed organized. You have two large pockets to store whatever you might like whether it's tire chains, tool bags or anything to that nature.It also has three smaller compartments to store any small items you might have. The vinyl coating is gonna be weather and UV resistant. One great feature is that it's a no drill installation. All you do is install these clamps on your truck side rails.It has a very nice low profile design so it's gonna work great with any camper shells or tonneua covers that you might have installed on your truck.

The center divider is removable just by undoing hook and loop straps.You can do this and that will give you one big compartment. Now that we've gone over those features, let's install this together. We first need to install our brackets onto our truck bed rails. We already have one installed. Let's go ahead and show you how to install the second one.We already have one of aluminum brackets in place as you can see.

Let's go ahead and get a second one on. I'm gonna grab our bolt and our flat washer. Just stick that on. Then we're gonna make sure that the side with the long oval slat is facing towards the bracket.So we're gonna set that down there. Then we're gonna take our other piece and put it right on top.

Then holding it there we're gonna flip it over and feed it through this first hole. You can adjust it to whatever height you wish, but for now we're just gonna start at the top.So you go through the hole and then begin to screw it in. We just need to thread it a little bit for now. Just like that. Now we're ready to go ahead and throw it on our truck.Making sure that our aluminum clamps are facing the sidewall of our truck bed, we'll go ahead and install it on our side rail.

We'll just do one at first. Once we have it in place you wanna try to line it up as best you can with the other bracket, but it's not a big deal if you're just a little bit off.Now we'll grab our 9/16 socket wrench and begin tightening it down. Once you have that just kind of loosely on there, we'll get the second one installed. We'll come back to our other one and tighten it down more.Once we have it on there tight we're ready for the truxedo expedition to be put in place. Now we can assemble our tubes. I already have one assembled. I'll show you how to assemble the second one.We'll grab the two long pieces first. You just have to push down on this button, insert it into the tube, until it pops out like that. Now we'll take our first end cap and slide it into the side. We'll go ahead and push it all the way in to start but it can be adjusted to accommodate whatever length you might have.And we'll do the same thing for the other side. Now we'll begin inserting the tubes through the loops on our bag. Once you're done with that you're ready to put it inside your truck bed.First we'll need to install these hooks that will help keep the bag open. Just feed it through that hole and pull it through. And then grab one of your stops and begin to try to feed it through. It might take a little bit at first but if you just wiggle your way through, you'll get it.Once you've got it just slide it along the rope and then repeat this for the other one. Now we can fit our bag in place. Our end caps right here, just feed into these grooves. Like that.Now we can put our hooks onto our bag. There's a little loop right here that we're going to use. We'll just take the hook and put it through the loop and then we'll come back behind and pull it down and then using our stopper right there we'll tighten it up to help the bag stay open.Now we'll get our divider into place. We have tow loops on the bottom and we have two more on the top for our hook and loop straps. We'll just take it off, we'll feed it through the loop, come back, secure it. Do the same thing for the other side. And then the top.Once you've got all that in place you're ready to load it up and hit the road. And there you have it for the truxedo truck bed cargo management system on our 2018 GMC Sierra 1500.

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