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Transmission Cooler Installation - 2009 Honda CR-V

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How to Install a TranSMIssion Cooler on a 2009 Honda CR-V

Today on our 2009 Honda CRV, we're going to install part number D13502 from Derale. This is their transmission cooler. To start off, we're going to have to remove the front bumper fixture and grill to get access to the condenser for the AC. This is where the transmission cooler will attach to. We'll go ahead and open up the hood and there's a small panel on top with a number of fasteners and pop rivets that we can remove to take off the top panel. Now we'll move to the driver's side, and there will be two screws in the fender well, plus one more plastic rivet on the inside edge of the fender well that we have to remove.

When we're done with the driver's side, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process over on the passenger side. Now we'll get underneath the vehicle. There will be another series of two bolts on the very bottom edge and four plastic rivets. We'll go ahead and remove those as well. Now we'll start on one corner of the bumper cover by the fender well and we'll gently pull out until the fasteners release.

On the inside edge of the headlights is another attachment point. If you simply lift up on the bumper fascia, it comes free of the vehicle. With the bumper cover removed, we need to remove another crossbar right behind it. This will give us easier access to work with the vehicle. We'll remove that bar, and there are two mounts for the condenser that we have to remove as well.

We'll go ahead and remove those and keep all the hardware and fasteners, as these will all be reinstalled once we're done with the transmission cooler. Now with these pieces removed, you can see how we have easy access to the condenser, and we can attach our transmission cooler. We'll start off by attaching our lines to our transmission cooler. The kit comes with one line already. We found out the line is too short to get to the existing lines underneath the vehicle.

The part number we're using will be D13003. That will supply us with the extra length of line. We'll go ahead and attach them to the transmission cooler, and then secure them with the hose clamps. Now we'll go ahead and put the transmission cooler temporarily in position, and we'll see how we have to run our lines. We're going to take the hoses running down to the bottom and around to the passenger side, around the radiator and the condenser, down to our lines that we're going to work with below the vehicle. Next, we'll go ahead and attach our pads that will go between the condenser and the transmission cooler. The adhesive back attaches to the transmission cooler, and we'll use it in all four corners. Now we'll put the cooler into position and then install the fasteners. We'll push it through the transmission cooler and through the condenser on all four corners. Once all of them are installed, then we can go ahead and put the other half of the fastener in place. It works just like a zip tie. We'll go ahead and push the disk on, and then over the rest of it until we get it tight. After we have all four installed, we'll go ahead and cut off our leads. With our transmission cooler installed, we can go ahead and reinstall the brackets for the condenser and the crossbar as well. Now there is a small tab on the crossbar that seems to be pretty close to the transmission cooler, so we'll simply bend it up and out of the way just to give some extra clearance. Now we're going to find out which line we're going to attach our transmission cooler to. We want to look for the line that's the cooler of the two when the engine is running, so what we're going to do is start our engine up, get it nice and hot, and feel for the difference in temperature in lines. The cooler of the two lines is the shorter one. So we're going to go ahead and hook our transmission cooler up to that line. We're simply going to remove the short line one end at a time, and install the new line from the transmission cooler into its original location, and reusing the original clamps. We'll do this one on each side. We'll also clamp one end of the hose while we're working with it to keep fluid from leaking out any more than we have to. We'll next remove the other hose. Again, we're using the clamp. With our new transmission cooler hose, we found that's a little long, so we'll go ahead and trim it up. We'll put it into place and install the clamp. We'll go ahead and start the engine one more time and check for leaks. We'll also add transmission fluid as needed to bring it back up to the appropriate level. Once everything is good to go, we'll go ahead and reinstall the bumper cover. And with that, that will finish it for our install, part number D13502 from Derale, on our 2009 Honda CRV.

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