Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2004 Cadillac SRX

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2004 Cadillac SRX

All right. Today, on this 2004 Cadillac SRX, we're going to install part number 56146KIT from Curt. First thing we need to get is access to a wiring. What we need to do is get behind the taillights. First off, we need to open the back hatch. We'll go ahead and remove a thrush hold at the bottom.

Remove the two covers for the tight on hooks then we go ahead and remove the panel. All right, there's two panels on top, one on each side of the window. We'll have to move the seat belts out of the way so you can do this. We'll start on the driver side. Get the panel towards the back door, simply just unsnaps from the pillar.

Going towards the front, there's a small button layered airbag, we need to pop that button out and go ahead and unscrew the screw behind it and then take it down. It just unsnaps from there. Then we can go ahead and remove the lower panel. We unsnap it from the side by the hatch area and then up by front, we can go ahead and easily push it away and pull it back. Once we get the panel out of the way, we need to work with a blower assembly. There are three bolts that hold it into place.

We'll go ahead and remove those bolts and pull back the blower assembly just out of the way. Right behind the taillights, there's some black rubber tape. We're going to need a scraper to remove it out of the way to have access to the nuts there behind the taillights. We need to use a deep well 10 millimeter socket to get access to these nuts. Once the hardware is removed, we can go ahead and pull the light away from the car then we'll need to disconnect the wire harness.

Go ahead and store our taillights to the side. We're done on the driver side. We'll go ahead and repeat the process on the passenger side. There are some switches on the interior panel on the passenger side so we need to pull back just a little bit so we can reach inside and disconnect the wire harness. Now, there's a stereo component on the passenger side. We need to remove that out of the way. There are three bolts, one on top and two on the bottom and we disconnect the electrical by pulling up on the tab once again and pulling it apart. We can go ahead and set the speaker out of the way for now. Once again, we'll go ahead and scrape away the rubber material behind the taillight so we can get access to the hardware. Same type of fasteners. Go ahead and remove the taillight. Once again, we'll go ahead and remove the wire harness as well and we'll set that to the side. Now, we can go ahead and start working on our wire harness. Back over on the driver side, we'll go ahead and peel back some of the covering for the wires so we can get access to them. We'll go ahead and run the ground screw that comes with the kits to the sheet metal behind our taillight. Then we'll take our tester and take a clamp and put it to that for our ground then we'll test for wires. First, look for a running light circuit. That's going to be your purple wire. We're going to connect our brown wire from our module to that using quick splice connector. Then we'll look for a left turn signal. A left turn signal is going to be a yellow wire. You'll see there's two yellow wires here. We're going to use the bigger of the two wires. Now, we have a red wire to deal with. In this vehicle, the turn signal and the break signal are combined so we don't need to use a break signal wire so let's cut it a little bit short and using one of the quick splice connectors, we'll go ahead and ground it to the white wire with the ring terminal. Then we'll take a ring terminal and ground it to the sheet metal. We're going to remove the screws for the bumper cover. Next, we'll go work with our green wire. We'll get that from a right turn signal. We'll go ahead and hide our wire behind our bumper cover edge. Once we're over to the passenger side, we'll go ahead and test for our wires. We're going to look for a right turn signal. That side is going to be a green wire so we'll match it up green to green. We'll go ahead and use some electric tape to help seal up our connection points. Now, we'll go back to our module. There's a black wire. We need to take this wire and run it up our 12 bolt power supply. We'll go ahead and take an extra black wire that comes with the kit and go ahead and catch it to the wire off the module using the supplied bolt connector. We'll go ahead and take that wire and run it down between the body work between the bumper cover and the body and knot it down below. We'll run that through the bottom and then we'll do the same thing for our four pull wire harness. Once we have our wires pulled through, we can go ahead and attach our module. We'll go ahead and clean out the sheet metal behind the bumper cover and then attach adhesive to the module and then attach the module to the sheet metal. At this point, we can go ahead and reinstall our taillights. Now, continue in on the black wire into the vehicle, we'll go ahead and route it towards the front of the car. To help us do that, we're using a piece of airline tubing. We just run the wire into the airline tubing and then push it through and off the top. We're going to stay off the wiring and the break lines along the frame and then work our way up to the engine compartment. We have a wire pulled out there. We'll go ahead and zip tie to take up any slack and then we'll run it to our power distribution box for a 12 volt supply. We'll cut off our excess then we'll draw a small hole into the the side of the distribution box just big enough to run our wire through. We'll run our wire through it then add our fuse holder that comes with the kit. One end of the fuse holder, we'll get a bolt connector and connect through our black wire. The other end will get a ring terminal. Then, once those are connected, we'll go ahead and take a ring terminal and connect it to the 12 volt power supply input. We'll go ahead and remove the nut, put the right terminal in place and then tighten down the knob once again. Then we'll go ahead and tuck away our fuse holder inaudible 05:17 fuses and go ahead and reinstall the lead. Next, we'll go ahead and work on our four pull wire harness out back. Since this part of the wire will be exposed from the outside, we'll go ahead and use some limb material here as well. We'll be using part number 459075-1. Then we'll also attach our four pull cover to the four pull. We'll route the four pull to the center of a hitch and use a four pull cover to help hold it. Then we'll zip tie a wire harness to the hitch. We'll go ahead and ground it to the white wire for our ground. Then we'll test our brown wire for a running light circuit. Yellow will be our left turn signal and green will be our right turn signal. Now breaks are going to be a constant signal on the green and yellow wires. On the passenger side, we'll go ahead and reinstall the stereo component and bolt it back into place. We'll also reconnect the electrical component behind the panel going towards the front. Okay, it looks like everything is working at this point. We'll go ahead and reinstall all the interior panels. We'll go take our blower assembly, push it back into place and reinstall the screws. Then we'll go ahead and reinstall our panel upfront. There's a small cable that goes through the screw that we had to remove. We'll go ahead and put the loop around the screw then run the screw back into the fastener on the inside. We'll go ahead and reattach our anchor point for our safety belt. Then finally, we can go ahead and reinstall the thrush hold at the back. Then we'll take our extra wire harness and zip tie it behind the bumper cover. With everything put back together, that will finish it for our install, part number 56146KIT on this 2004 Cadillac SRX. .

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