T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2017 Ford Explorer

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How to Install the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2017 Ford Explorer

Speaker 1: Today in this 2017 Ford Explorer, we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the Tekonsha T1 vehicle wiring harness for factory tow package vehicles with a seven way trailer connector, part number 118272.Here's what our wiring looks like installed. The seven way connector on this wiring harness gives us the ability to have all the necessary lighting functions that are required by law in order for us to safely and legally tow a trailer. If we had a brake controller installed inside of our Explorer, we'd also have the ability to use electric trailer brakes with a seven way connector. This wiring harness plugs right in to the factory wiring on your vehicle with no cutting or splicing required. There is no modification necessary to the vehicle in order to get this wiring to work.In order to get this wiring harness mounted, you will need to purchase an additional bracket and a way to attach that bracket to your hitch. We have several options available for you on our website.

And now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get it installed.To begin our install, we need to locate our vehicle's wiring harness for our taillights. We will locate that on the passenger side right behind our fascia in this area here. The wiring harness that we need to work with is this black one right here. We'll separate our connectors by pressing on this tab right here. Push in and then pull, separate.

Yours may come off this clip on the side and that's okay. We probably won't be able to install with the clip there anyway. And now we're looking at the back way of our seven way connector. We need to assemble our wiring harness.We'll start with this terminal here next to our lock tab. We'll take our red wire.

Now this only goes in one way and once you insert it the proper way, you can fully push it in and it'll click and lock into place. We'll do our green wire now. That goes to this terminal here. Once you feel it click, pull back on the wires to make sure they're secure. We'll do our black wire now, which will go to this terminal.

We'll do the brown one, which goes to this terminal. Now we'll do our blue wire, which goes to this terminal. Do our white wire, just a large wire which goes to the large terminal. That leaves us with our yellow wire which goes right in the middle.Now we'll take our lock tab, slide it through our wires. It'll go in to these grooves right here and then we'll push it down into these two tabs and it locks into place. Now we'll plug our wiring harness into the factory wiring. It only goes in one way so just match up the connectors and push until it locks in place.We went ahead and routed our wire across our fascia here, zip tying it to a factory wiring harness. It goes over our exhaust and we have it zip tied to the top of our hitch in a few locations. Now we're going to use a no drill mounting bracket which we have available on our website. This is part number C57202 and we're going to clamp this to our hitch to give us a location to mount our seven way connector. With our clamp wrapped around the hitch, we'll tighten the clamp down. TO mount our seven way connector to our no drill bracket that we clamped on, we use a Pollak seven way mounting bracket, part number PK12711U. So it'll go like this. We'll go ahead and secure our seven way to the Pollak bracket using the provided hardware.We'll hold the nuts in place in the back side with a 3/8 wrench and use a flathead screwdriver to tighten the hardware. Now we'll plug our seven way connector into our wiring harness. We'll secure our two brackets together with our provided hardware. Then we'll tighten our hardware down. We'll go ahead and cut off the excess of our clamp.Okay now we'll test out our wiring with a trailer tester, make sure everything's working properly. We'll start off by turning on our headlights. As you can see our taillight and running light functions working. Left turn signal, right turn signal, brakes, with our foot on the brakes. We'll do a left and a right again to make sure they work properly. Check out our backup light function, that's working. Our 12 volt charge lines also working. You can see that on our gauge. If we had a trailer brake controller installed, we'd be able to have electric trailer brakes. But we don't have one installed currently. So everything's working properly. And that completes our look at and showing you how to install the Tekonsha T1 vehicle wiring harness for factory tow package vehicles with the seven way trailer connector, part number 118272 on this 2017 Ford Explorer.

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