Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Ford Mustang

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2016 Ford Mustang

Today on our 2016 Ford Mustang, we're gonna be taking a look at and show you how to install the Tekonsha T1 Vehicle Harness with four-pole flat trailer connector.This is what our wiring is gonna look like when it is installed. This wiring can be installed to where it remains inside the vehicle and pulled out when needed, or outside the vehicle, how we have it here.It's gonna give us all of our proper lighting functions to safely tow a trailer, both turn signals, our running lights and our brake lights. It's gonna have an included dust cap to help cover our connection points. It's gonna help keep any dirt and debris from getting inside. This wiring kit is also going to have a converter box. What the converter box does is it protects your factory wiring on your vehicle from any back feed from the trailer if the trailer wiring has an issue.

It's going to give you 2.1 amps per circuit for your stop and turn signals, 5.6 amps per circuit for your tail lights.It's also going to work with five, six, and seven-pole adapters. As far as the installation goes with this wiring, it's very simple. It's gonna be plug and play. It's gonna plug directly into the factory wiring behind each tail light inside your trunk van. You're gonna have a power wire that needs to run up to the front of the vehicle and connect to the positive side of the battery.

Nice thing about this vehicle is this wire can be ran inside or outside. If you leave it in, you simply roll it up and put it underneath your carpeting. If you want to run it out, there's a small grommet in the bottom of your trunk pan that you pass it through, and you can see how we have it here.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how I install it. First thing we need to do to start our installation is you can go ahead and pull out your floor covering in order to remove our panel here. We're gonna have tie-down loops that you just screw into place.

We're gonna remove those and we're gonna have two on the driver side and two on the passenger side. We're gonna lift up and then we'll pull out like that. Then pull this out and set it aside.Now we'll take a trim panel tool. Here on the driver side, we're gonna have a fastener here. Then we're gonna have one right here on the bottom.

Take this panel here at the bottom. Separate them and then pull this one out just like this. If you have this light here, there's a plug right on the back side. So just push this black tab here and you can unplug it. Now we can move this out of the way to give us a little bit more room.What we're looking for is this plug right here. Take the yellow integrated wiring harness. We're gonna unplug this factory wire here. Then we're just gonna match our plugs and plug our yellow one in place just like that. Next, we need to mount our converter box. It's gonna come with some two-sided sticky tape. Go ahead and apply it to the back of your converter box. I'm gonna stick it on the side of the car that kind of goes down. Make sure it's down here, not up here, because the panel has got to go back in. So we'll stick it down here, turn-around wire, which is gonna be the white wire with the ring terminal. Gonna make sure we're grounding it to metal. Take our self-tapping screw that comes in our kit and I'm gonna ground it right here.Take your four-pole wire. If you're not routing this outside of the vehicle, when you put your panel back in, you're gonna run it right down like this. Slide your panel over the top and then this can sit and be stored down here in the bottom. If you are gonna run it outside, there's a grommet straight down right here. Get our four-pole wire pushed through, just like that. Our green wire, we're gonna route it across, over to our passenger side. I'm gonna run it right along this factory wiring. Zip ties come in your kit to help hold it up there in place.The red wire coming off your converter box, you're gonna add one of the yellow butt connectors to it. And the black wire that comes in your kit, you're gonna add it to the other side of the butt connector. We'll add some electrical tape on it, just to help keep any dirt, debris, or anything like that from getting inside. Because this wire has to go to the battery, instead of running it out this grommet and up to the front, there's a grommet right there that's gonna put us in front of our exhaust pipes. Now, for our green plug, or our plug for our passenger side, if you have a speaker, there is actually a metal bracket right here. My hands are too big to get it. You can see it right there. What I'm doing is I'm gonna take this speaker box and pull it out and I can reach around the back side and use two hands. If you're gonna pull this out, it's very simple. There's three small hex-head bolts that hold this bottom piece on. You're gonna have two 13-millimeter head bolts here. Pull those off and then a large hex-head bolt here.I'm gonna take this and slide it out to the side. When we pull our panel down, you can see this metal bracket here, and that's our plug. With our speaker out like this, I can reach back and I can hold my plug while I disconnect and connect the green side onto it. And this is gonna disconnect and connect the same way that we did on our driver's side.Once you get it connected, go ahead and reinstall your sub. So you can see where our wire dropped down. Pulled down. We ran over top of our axle here, right next to our fuel tank. This panel, 10-millimeter socket. If you remove these three nuts right here on this side, pull down this side, you can tuck your wire in. Run it right up to the front. Reinstall your three screw on this right up like this.Now, we're gonna run it up into the engine compartment. I'm gonna use an airline tube. You can use wire, anything that has a little bit of stiffness to it. And it will help guide our wire up against our firewall and against this side panel, away from our exhaust. And with our wire pulled up, we need to get it across to our passenger side and up to our fuse panel. There is actually a couple of positive cables coming from the battery, connected to our fuse panel, that we're gonna attach it to.In order to do that, we have to get it so that it stays up off our engine. We have some push-pin fasteners that run across here. We're gonna pop those up and see if we can't get our wire underneath this plastic panel, in behind our fasteners, to hold it up. Flat head screwdriver. Just pry up the center.Now, I got my wire in underneath my panel. Got to make sure you're going behind where your push-pin fasteners are holding it down. I would suggest coming behind this one and going that way. If you go this way, then it's pulling the wire right up against the engine, or at least close to it. And we want to try to stay away from it, because it does get hot.Put our fasteners back in here. Hold our wire. And we're gonna have a small fastener here on our passenger side. This panel right here is gonna come off. It actually covers our battery, but what I'm not gonna do is I'm not gonna connect it to the battery terminal. I'm gonna connect it to my fuse panel terminal. I need to take out this and I'm gonna run my wire right along here. Follow this cable over and I can connect it right here. If I connect to the battery, then if the battery ever has to be removed or changed, they're gonna have to mess with the wire. To keep from doing that, we'll just connect to the cable over to our fuse panel. And whoever is doing it won't have to worry about it.So now we need to get our wire underneath this corner here. Got a little fastener to put back in here. There. And just zip-tie this here. That will hold it in place. And you can see our wire is hidden now.We'll remove our cover for our fuse panel. And you can see my three positive wires coming over here. Go ahead and cut this down to size. Gonna strip it back. Your kit's gonna come with a yellow butt connector, just like the one we put in the back. I suggest exchanging the one that's gonna be out here in the open with a heat-shrink butt connector. It's gonna help protect your connections a lot better. Take your fuse holder and cut it in half. Strip back both ends. One end goes in your heat-shrink butt connector. The other end is the ring terminal. Go ahead and take my heat source and shrink that up. I'm gonna be using a heat gun.Once our butt connector has cooled off a little bit, I'm gonna go ahead and take some electrical tape and cover it up. Just give it just that much more protection. I'm gonna route it so it's not sticking up crazy there. I'm gonna put it right on this one, 10 millimeter socket. Remove the nut. Go ahead and add on your butt connector. Make sure the fuse is not in the holder. Reinstall the nut. Once that is in place, then you can add your fuse.Now, to give our wire a more permanent mounting location outside the vehicle, we're gonna mount it on our hitch. What we're gonna use is two brackets. We're gonna use this no-drill short bracket and this four-pole bracket. And you can see it's gonna come with the screws, the nuts. Put them together like this. What we're gonna do is we're gonna take our wire. I'm gonna push it through the hole first. That way, it will hide my wire. My four-pole will sit like this.It's also gonna come with your clamp. Just put it on here. Now I can take any of my extra wire and push it back up through the grommet to my trunk pan, where it can stay inside there. I won't have a whole bunch of wire that I need to find somewhere to bundle it up and zip-tie it to something. So now we'll take some cutters. We'll cut off this excess here.Now you can go ahead and reinstall your panels and your trunk. What I did with my four-pole wire, I pushed the rest of it that I didn't need back up inside the trunk. I zip-tied it to this existing wiring and went underneath. Just tucked the rest of it underneath my side panel here, or carpet panel. I sliced my grommet, ran my wire right through it. Now I'm gonna take some RTV black silicone and fill that hole to make sure we don't get any fumes or anything coming up through there.And then finally, we can reinstall our threshold.Now we're gonna test out our wiring, using Part Number I26. Left turn. Right turn. Brake lights. Running lights.That will do it for a look at an installation on the Tekonsha T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with four-pole flat trailer connector on our 2016 Ford Mustang.

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