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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2015 Nissan Frontier

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2015 Nissan Frontier

Today on our 2015 Nissan Frontier we're going to show you how to install the Tow Ready vehicle we're going harness with relays and 7-pole trailer connector, part number 118266. Now here's what our wiring kit is going to look like. Really simple, straightforward installation here. We've got one pigtail that goes up in the passenger side kick panel. Into that we're going to be placing three of our relays. Then on the rear of the truck we're going to have our two factory connection points.

We're going to take the caps out of those, slide these in, and then all we have to do is slide our pigtails into the back of our 7-pole connector here. That will give us all the lights and wiring connections that we need. Not only are we're going to have the relays in our hardware kit, but we've also got several zip ties and some foam pad that we can put around these to keep everything nice and quiet, and a full set of instructions there to make sure we get it done right. Now we're going to begin our installation by just sliding our relays onto our harness. The blue ones are going to go to the white and then the brown one is going to go to the brown. It's kind of color coded there.

We'll squeeze these in until we hear a little audible click. Now let's take our foam pads, our zip ties, and we'll head into the passenger side floorboard area. We're going to start with a little trim panel remover tool or a screwdriver and just start popping this scuff plate off. Just go in underneath it and it's going to pop up. Then we'll pull back and also down on that.

Now we'll start working our kick panel out of place here. It also has a couple of little push pins on it. Then you see we've got that little screw right there. We can just thread that out by hand. Our panel will be free.

That's just a little push nut. You'll push that on there once we get it back in place. Now right around here on the backside you can see our 12-pin connector. That's going to match up with our pigtail. Go ahead and slide these together. We want to hear those click as well just like our other ones. Now we'll just lay our line in. We want to start just get these tucked in in this area here just nice and secure. Now let's get our foam pads, peel those off, and we'll wrap them around our relays. Start tucking them up there where we want them. Then we can start zip tying them off. Finally we got our bigger one there. Probably need two zip ties for this one. Just daisy chain them together. You want to be able to tap on that without hearing any noise. If you can't do that, then it's not going to be right. You're going to hear some rattling and some vibration. Just make sure we do it right the first time, we won't have to take that panel back off. Now I'll just trim off those excess zip ties and be ready to put our panel back in place. Now we'll just guide our panel right back in like we did last time. We got it set over our screw, pop it in at the top there and the bottom. Then we'll just push our little push screw on there. That's good. Now we'll put on our scuff plate. Now here on the driver side underneath the vehicle right where your hitch will be installed just behind the spring shackle or leaf spring shackle there we're going to have two plugs. One is gray and one is black. They've each got a cap in the end. We're going to go ahead and pull the caps out. Just push in on the little tab. We use a little screwdriver or a little pick just to separate that and slide it on out. Same thing for our black one. Now we can take the pigtail onto of our wiring kit and we'll plug it right into both of our factory plugs. The gray will go to the gray, the black will go to the black. Now because our hitch already had the mounting tab, the small tab you see here welded on, we added on a bracket to accomodate our 7-pole connector. This is part number PK12711U-26. It will come with the four screws you need to mount this on the front. You may need to get bolts if you're using this type of hitch to secure it there. It does come with a couple of self-tappers. Basically we'll just place our 7-pole plug end right on there, then use the provided hardware to secure it off. Once we have those all started we'll just use a flat head and tighten those down. The nuts have serrated lock washers on them so they really shouldn't turn. If they do, you just put a 10mm socket on them to hold them. Now all we have to do is plug our wiring in right to the back. Just give it a good push/pull. Make sure everything is nice and tight. Then we'll just secure our excess pigtail right up here. We'll trim off the excess and all we'll have left to do is test it out. If it's working, we're done. Now we can start our test by turning on our running lights. Once those are working we'll try the left blinker, now the right blinker, and finally our brakes. With everything working properly, that's going to complete today's installation of the Tow Ready vehicle wiring harness with relays and a 7-pole trailer connector, part number 118266, on our 2015 Nissan Frontier.

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