Tekonsha Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2013 Toyota Corolla

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How to Install a Tekonsha Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2013 Toyota Corolla

How's it going Ryan here at etrailer.com. Today we have our Tekonsha wiring hooked up to our Toyota Corolla. This is gonna be a great solution for you to provide you with all your lighting needs, such as your brake lights, your running lights, and your turn signals. Now for your stop and turn signals, it's gonna put out 2.1 amps. And for your taillights, it's gonna put out 4.2 amps.Some of our customers do ask if this wiring can be permanently mounted outside. And it absolutely can.

However, if it's something you're only gonna be using every once in a while, you would probably wanna keep it inside. That way it stays in better shape. It does have a nice and thick dust cover to not only protect the terminals inside from corrosion or dirt and debris, but it also serves as a holder that we can wrap it around your hitch, and you don't have to worry about it flopping around.When you're ready to use your wiring, you just take it from where it's stored and drape it over your threshold and close your trunk down. Now, the only thing you have to watch out for is the latch itself. It'll be fine anywhere else other than the latch 'cause if you get it in there, you could pinch or damage your wire.

Now when you're ready to put it back, all you'd simply do is coil it up, and put it back into your storage compartment.To begin our install, we're gonna need to open our trunk and remove any of the floor coverings inside. And just set these off to the side for now. We're now going to remove our threshold. It's gonna be held in place by two plastic fasteners. Now I'm gonna use a trim panel remover tool to get underneath it and pry it out.

If you don't have one of these, you can pick one up on etrailer.com or you can just a flathead screwdriver. You can just pull up on the threshold and set it to the side. Now we need to slightly pull back this covering here to expose our taillight wiring. Gonna have the same style fasteners as the threshold. So just removing those two, we'll be able to pull it out enough to have enough room to work.Now we're gonna do that to the other side.

Now we can disconnect our taillight wiring here at this white clip. To do that, there'll be a little tab, you'll push down on that, simply pull out. It's gonna be the same on the other side. Now we can take our new Tekonsha wiring harness, and we're gonna work with the side with the yellow wire. We're gonna plug that into the driver side taillight just like this. Clip that end in and then this end will actually plug back into the taillight.Now what we're gonna do is mount our box. Now it's really easy. We're just gonna go ahead and use this two-side sticky tape. And the area that you choose to mount it, you're gonna wanna make sure that you use some rubbing alcohol or some type of cleaner to make sure the surface is nice and clean. We'll then take some of the backing paper off and push it against our box. Remove the other side. We're actually gonna mount it right down here 'cause it's nice and flat, and it'll be out of the way. You simply just push it against the metal, ensuring you get a nice good fit.Here's what it looks like mounted. Now we're gonna go ahead and ground out our ground wire. It'll be this white one with the ring terminal on the end of it. We're gonna use the self-tapping screw that came supplied in the kit. Just wanna make sure you ground it to a piece of metal. You always wanna make sure that there's nothing of importance what you're gonna be drilling into behind it.Now we're gonna take our green and red wire with the connectors on the end and run them over to the passenger side and hook them up to the taillight wiring the same way we did the driver side. What I went ahead and did was secured our green and red wire to this factory wiring here with some zip ties provided in the kit.Now what we need to do is run our power wire up to the front of the vehicle, but we need to find a place to drop down outside of the car to run it up to the inaudible 00:05:22 compartment. I actually found this grommet right there. What we're gonna do is pop that out and put a little hole in it. That way we can run our wire through it. To get it out, you simply just push down on it and it'll fall out underneath the bottom of the car. So this is what that grommet we removed looks like. Now what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna drill a hole in it. That way we can push our wire through it.Here we have our power wire that's included with the kit. What we're gonna do is actually push it through the grommet, and we'll pull about maybe a foot or two through. What we're actually gonna do is push this up from the underside of the car. That way we don't have to pull this big bundle of wire all the way through the grommet. I'll show you how I did that.As you can see, we simply just went from under the car and pushed our grommet back through. Now what we can do is connect our black power wire to our red wire coming out of our box. We're first gonna expose some of the wire underneath insulation. We're gonna take a butt connector that is provided in the kit, slip that over the black wire and crimp it down. We'll just connect the other end. Once we have both sides crimped down, just make sure we have a good connection, and now we can move to the next step.I went ahead and wrapped up our connection with some electrical tape and put some RTV sealer on our grommet just to help keep everything sealed up. Before we run our power wire, what we're gonna do is actually run a fish wire from the top of the engine compartment down underneath the car. I'm just gonna be using a piece of plastic airline tubing, but you can use something that is stiff but yet compliant 00:07:27, like a coat hanger. We'll just find a good spot to push this down through. The reason we're doing this is that way when we run our power wire from the rear on the vehicle up to the front, when we get to the point of the front of the vehicle we can just tape that power wire to the fish wire and then simply pull it up to bring the actual power wire up here to the battery.We'll just kinda push that under there to keep it from falling down. Now go ahead and run that power wire, and I'll show you how I did it. Here's how I ran the power wire. Here's where it comes out of our grommet, and I just zip tied it up to this tube here. And up along, and kinda goes next to the fuel tank and finally it drops down here next to our brake lines. It's always a good idea to avoid any moving or hot parts. So I just secured it to our line to some zip ties, and it'll end right here. As you can see, I connected our power wire to our fish wire so we'll lower the car, go up to the inaudible 00:08:44 compartment and we'll pull our wire up to finish connecting it all. And pull all the slack out of our power wire.We're actually run this to the positive terminal on our battery. So I'm just gonna wrap it around the air box for a little bit of a cleaner look. Now we can take our fuse block, and what we're gonna do is cut this in half. And we're gonna strip both of these ends. And on one end, we are going to install a ring terminal and just slip it over the wire and crimp it down. Then on the other end, we're gonna install a butt connector. Now we're actually gonna be using a heat shrink butt connector, because this wiring will be somewhat outside and partially exposed. These just offer a little bit more protection. Crimp that end down. Now we can just set this roughly in place and just kinda get an idea of where we need to cut our power wire. We're gonna run it something like that. So we'll go ahead and trim our power wire about right here. Go ahead and cut and strip some of the insulation off. And then we can connect our fuse to our main power. And finally crimp it all together.We can take a heat gun and heat up our heat shrink to get it all sealed. Now we can hook up our ring terminal, and so we're gonna remove this top nut here on the battery. You can either use this top one or even this one on the side, kinda just your preference or what'll be easier for you. Just to double check, before you do hook it up, you wanna open it and make sure your fuse is removed, which ours is. Just pop that over the terminal there. Get it tightened up.Now we can take our fuse that's supplied with the kit and put it into the holder, replace our dust cap, and we can put our battery terminal cover back on. Actually did have to cut a little portion out. That way it would fit down. And then I'll use a few of the zip ties just to secure all of our wiring.I like to test everything before we put it all back together just to make sure everything's working properly. We'll go ahead and run through all of our signals. We have our left blinker. Our right blinker. Our brake lights. And finally, our running lights. Now that we've verified everything is working, we can put all our panels back together in the opposite way that we removed them.That'll do it for our inaudible 00:12:17 and installation of the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness on 2013 Toyota Corolla.

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