T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2013 Honda Accord

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How to Install the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2013 Honda Accord

Speaker 1: Today on our 2013 Honda Accord we'll be having a look at and showing how to install the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness with a four-pole flat trailer connector, part number 118596. Here's what our wiring looks like installed. This four-pole flat wiring harness will give us the basic lighting functions that are required by law in order for us to safely and legally tow our trailer.This white wire here provides the necessary ground connection between our trailer and our Accord. The brown wire here is for our taillight and running light circuit. On that circuit we have 5.6 amps of power output, which is more than sufficient to tow a small trailer with several incandescent light bulbs, or basically as many LEDs as we want, because LED lights do draw less power. This yellow wire is for our left turn signal and left brake light.

On that circuit we have 2.1 amps of power output. You'll want to limit yourself to about one incandescent light bulb on that side just because it is a lower power rating. If you're running LEDs, you can run several more than that. The green wire is our right turn signal and right brake light. Just like the yellow wire, we have 2.1 amps of power output on that circuit, so one incandescent light or several LED lights and you'll be okay.

Built into our four-pole flat connector we have a dust cover here to help better protect our connection when it's not in use.Now even though this is stored inside the vehicle, one thing I like to do is put a little dielectric grease inside the connection before we close the dust cover up. This will help better protect it. We have dielectric grease available on our website. Now this wiring harness is designed to be stored inside the vehicle when it is not in use. You can simply put it inside your spare tire well, cover it up.

It's like it's not even there, and you have complete and full access to your trunk. When you want to use it, just drape it over the side of your trunk, making sure you keep it away from your latch, close the trunk over it. As you can see, you have an adequate length of wire that reaches down next to the receiver on your hitch.Now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get it installed. To begin our install we'll open our trunk. We will fold forward our spare tire cover.

We'll remove our threshold by pulling up on it. Now we need to peel back our carpet. In order to do that we'll start by removing these three plastic clips here, as well as this one and this one here, for a total of five. The way the ones on the top work is that there is a center section. You can get in with a flat head screwdriver or a trim panel tool. It will pop out and pull the whole clip out. Now the one here and the one in the side is your different style clip. These we simply pull up on. These are what they call a Christmas three style because they kind of look like a Christmas three. Now we can grab our carpet, pull it back, and set it out of the way.On our taillight connector right here we have a tab on the outside edge of it. We press in on that tab, pull back and disconnect the connector. Here's the tab right here. Now for our turn signal. It's the same way. We'll press in the tab and disconnect it. There's the tab. We'll plug in our taillight connector from our wiring harness into the factory taillight connector. That's the red and brown wire connector. Now we'll take the turn signal connector for the driver side, which is the yellow one, and plug it into the turn signal. Now we'll plug the other end back into the appropriate housing.The red wire that comes off of our converter box, this is our power wire. We'll strip back a little more insulation from it, take one of our yellow butt connectors, stick it over the wire, and we'll crimp it into place. We'll take one end of our roll of black wire, strip off some insulation, now we'll stick that into the other end of the butt connector and crimp it down. Now we'll take some electrical tape and wrap up our butt connector. Even though this will be inside the vehicle, this will just help better protect it. We'll make sure we put electrical tape over all of our butt connectors from this point on. The white wire with the ring terminal that comes off of our module box, this is our ground wire. We need to attach this to our vehicle's sheet metal to provide a ground circuit for our wiring.Now we have a self-tapping screw that comes with the kit to attach anywhere, but we have an existing ground point right here that we can reuse without having to drill a hole in our vehicle. We'll remove that 10mm bolt, place the bolt through our ring terminal, and then reinstall it into its factory position.Now off in the back left corner of our trunk we'll find this grommet right here. It's basically in front of our taillight assembly. We'll drill a hole in it using a small drill bit right in the center. We'll take the other end of our black power wire and route it through the hole. Here's where our wire comes through our grommet. We'll just pull it the rest of the way through now. Now we have a towel with some rubbing alcohol on it. We'll clean off an area right here below our taillight where we're going to attach our module. We'll even make sure we clean off the back of our module too. Now we'll take our provided double-sided tape, peel off one end, stick it to our module, press firmly, peel off the other end, and apply it to where we cleaned off, and press firmly.Now the green wire that comes from our module, this is our passenger side turn signal connector. We routed this over towards our passenger side, securing it to a factory wiring harness behind where our threshold rests. We repeated the same process of pulling back our carpet on the passenger side to gain access to our connector. Now we only need to make one connection on this side, and that's to the turn signal, and that's the top connector. Push in on the tab, pull back, plug in. Then reconnect to the taillight assembly. Now we can put our carpet back into position and resecure it into place with the clips that we removed. Reinstall our threshold as well.Our power we routed towards the front of our vehicle. We secured it to this hole here where a body panel could be attached. Have it secured to the top of our rear subframe. We go over our rear subframe, go underneath our fuel tank over this skid plate, have it zip tied to our parking brake cable bracket here. Then I stuck it inside this channel and used a pull wire to pull it forward where it comes out the hole at the end of this channel. we dropped down a pull wire from our engine bay, having it routed against our firewall. Now we'll take our pull wire and bring our wire up.Our power wire we just routed around our air box and our fuse box and secured it to this wiring harness with a few zip ties. Now we need to measure off how much we're going to need to connect to the positive terminal of our but, which is located under this cover. Cut off our excess. I'll strip off some insulation, take our butt connector, stick it on, crimp it, take our fuse holder. inaudible 00:09:35 right now a continuous loop of wire. We'll cut it right in the middle, giving us two ends. We'll strip off some insulation on both ends. One end will get our ring terminal. Other end will go inside of our butt connector. Just like our other butt connector, we'll wrap up in electrical tape. Now we'll remove the 10mm nut from our positive terminal. Take our ring terminal, slide it over the stud, reinstall the nut. Now we'll cut a notch in our positive battery terminal cover. Use a pair of side cutters for this. This notch will allow us to be able to close the cover. We'll open our fuse cover now and install our provided 10 amp fuse. We'll close the dust cover up.Now we'll test our wiring. We're using a four-pole flat tester which we have available on our website as part number I26. We'll start by turning on our headlights. As you can see, our taillight and running light function's working. Left turn signal. Right turn signal. Brake lights. With our foot on the brake, we'll run our turn signals again to make sure everything still functions properly. Perfect. Everything's working like it's supposed to. That completes our look at and installation of the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness with a four-pole flat trailer connector, part number 118596, on this 2013 Honda Accord.

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