Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Honda Pilot

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2011 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2011 Honda Pilot well be installing the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness for Factory Tow Package 7-Way Trailer Connector part number 56097. To begin with well need to open up the rear hatch of the vehicle. Youll notice on the drivers side rear theres a hatch that well need to open up. Inside that theres another cover panel that well need to remove to gain access to our wiring harness. The connection that well be making is located here. Its got a small section of blue tape holding it in place.

Youll need to just cut the blue tape to allow you to gain access to the end of the wire. Well be installing the converter box here as well as making a ground wire connection. Lets first go ahead and make our connection with the wiring. When making the wire connection, make sure that you hear the two tabs lock into place. You should hear a slight click.

Now that we have our connection made, well go ahead and put the two sided tape on the back of our converter box and mount it to the interior wall of the vehicle. Next, we need to go ahead and use the self-tapping screw to put our ground wire in. Its a good idea to find an area that has a sheet metal doubled up to give an extra good ground. With our ground wire in, now were ready to go ahead and close this panel back up as well as putting the cover back on here. Now well move just a little farther forward in the vehicle and access the auxiliary fuse box.

In this auxiliary fuse box well be installing two relays, two 7-1/2 amp fuses and 120 amp fuse. Once you have the two relays and the three fuses in, go ahead and close this back up. Now were ready to move to the rear of the vehicle to make our connection for the 7-way. The connection that were looking for is located up under the rear fascia on the drivers side. Youll need to remove the blue plastic plug that holds it up into the body.

You can do this by using a flat head screwdriver or a body fastener tool. Youll need to remove the blue tab that was holding it to the body by lifting up on the tab on the connector and sliding the blue section out. Next, youll squeeze the tab on the other side of the connection and pull the cap out. You will not reuse this. Now well take the 7-way connection thats supplied with the kit and make our connection to this factory harness here. Before making your connection, you will want to use a little dielectric grease here part number 11755. Now that we have a little grease on it, well go ahead and snap it into place, again, making sure that we hear the connections click. Now we need to go ahead and remove the panel thats at the rear of the vehicle. With the panel out, well need to take a razor blade or a rotary tool and remove the center section. Now were ready to take the mounting bracket for our 7-way and mount it to our trailer hitch. We found when test fitting this that we will need to bend the bracket a little bit to allow for the door in the 7-way to open properly. Well go ahead and use the two self-tapping screws to connect it to our trailer hitch. Next, well go ahead and use the four screws with lock nuts and connect the 7-way to the bracket. Now that thats done, well go ahead and put a little dielectric grease on the other ends of our 7-pole connection and connect it to the plug. The final step back here, we use a couple of zip ties to secure the excess wiring and keep it out of the way. Now were ready to move up under the hood of the vehicle and put three more fuses in. Up here well be installing one large 20-amp fuse and two small 20-amp fuses. Now that all three of these fuses are in place, now well go ahead and use a tester to make sure our connections in the 7-pole works. If you dont have a tester, the trailer that youll be pulling will work just as well. With the connection made to the 7-way go ahead and have someone run through your light function. As you can see here, the running lights work, followed by the left turn, then the right turn as well as the brake lights. With that, that will complete the installation of our Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness part number 56097 on our 2011 Honda Pilot.

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