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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

Today on this 2011 Chevy Cruze, we're going to be installing wiring harness part number 118508. Ok, we're inside the trunk area of our Chevy Cruze, we need to first go ahead and locate the ports that we're going to be putting our wiring harness into. So to gain access to those ports, we're going to have to remove a few things inside the trunk. We're going to first pull back the floor. Next we're going to go ahead and remove the rear threshold section and if you look on the vertical facing of the threshold piece, you can see we have 2 push fasteners holding it into position. One on the drivers and one over here on the passenger side. To remove those fasteners, we need to first pry out the center section and if you rotate your fastener enough, you will find a portion where there is actually a cut out between the center section and the outer section and there you could take a flat head screwdriver and go ahead and pry that in there and pop that out. And then once you have got that pulled out, you go ahead and remove the inner section.

With those 2 fasteners removed, we can go ahead and just take from the bottom and we need to pull up on the threshold piece. There are some push fasteners that are running along the top ledge here. Grab and gently rock it back and forth, we can get those to release as well. So next we're going to move on to pulling back the interior carpeting here and we are going to start over the drivers side. We have 2 push fasteners that are similar to the ones that we had on the rear threshold section, that we need to remove. One near the top and one here at the bottom. And we are also going to go ahead and need to remove this tie down hook, here that is a little bit more forward. With those all removed now, we can go ahead and pull the carpeting back, that pulls back to this black connector right here. That is the one that we're going to be putting our wiring harness into over here on the drivers side.

You just want to go ahead and press on this release at the top and pull away and that will separate the 2 pieces. Next we're going to go ahead and take our harness and start plugging it in line. Now the connector that we're going to be plugging into over here on the driver side is the one that has yellow and brown wires integrated. If you follow down that line, you will see you have a white wire with a ring terminal on it and this is our ground wire. We need to go ahead and secure that to the interior metal somewhere and I think actually this flat surface right here, right below the connector, will provide a nice grounding point. So we are going to go ahead and ground that using the provided self tapping screw that comes with the kit. We will move further down towards the modulate box and you can see we have an open ended red wire here, this is our power lead and what we're going to need to do is take the large lead of black wire that comes with the wiring kit and go ahead and connect it to this wire and this is going to be our power source. We are going to need to take this wire, get it underneath the vehicle and route it up to the positive terminal of battery.

Ok, the next step is to go ahead and find a grommet that we could use to get our black wire underneath the vehicle. Ok, we got the grommet popped out now and I am just going to go ahead just cut out a little bit of the center section. I am going to use that as an access point to get the wire down through the grommet and then what we can do is just take our black wire, feed it through the hole in the grommet, and down underneath the vehicle. Now we can go over to the passenger side of the vehicle and go ahead and pull back the interior carpeting, like we did on the driver side. We can locate the ports over here and go ahead and plug our harness in line. The passenger side connector as you can see here has the green and red wires in it. The final step here inside the trunk area is to go back to the modulate box here and you can see on the backside, we have got double sided tape, we just want to make sure we go and adhere that to the inside here so that it does not move around. That will pretty much finish up the inside of the trunk, we can go ahead and reassemble the interior now and then we will go back underneath the vehicle, where we will start routing our wire up to the front. We are routing this black wire from the rear all the way up to the front, up under the hood where we're going to connect to the battery. When routing the wire, you just want to make sure you avoid any possible hot spots or pinch points that could damage your wire.

So now we're back up underneath the hood and you can see we got our black wire routed up, we just now need to go ahead and make our connection to the positive terminal of the battery. Now the battery is a little bit hidden here but if you look over here on the drivers side, this cover here, is a plus sign which indicates the positive terminal, go ahead and lift the lid on that. With the positive terminal exposed, we're going to next take the provided fuse holder here and you can see we have got a loop of wire and go ahead and strip back some of the jacketing on each end. We are going to add the provided ring terminal and that is going to go ahead and connect to the positive side of the battery. We're going to add a butt connector and connect to the black wire that we routed. Go ahead and make our final connection here. It is a good idea to go ahead and put some electrical tape around that connection point. Finally we will take the provided 10 inch fuse and go ahead and insert it into the fuse holder and that will complete the wiring up underneath the hood. You might want to do a quick check underneath the vehicle when you end up under the hood to make sure all your lose wires are nice and secure. If they are not, go ahead and use some of the provided zip ties to tie that up into place. Now with the wiring completed, we're going to go back to the trunk and show you quickly how to use the harness when you are ready to tow. With the 4-pole being stored inside the vehicle, you may need to open up your trunk, go ahead and pull the 4-pole out, make your connection to the trailer. You can go ahead and shut the trunk door on the 4-pole, the weather stripping here at the end will prevent it from being pinched. And with that, that will conclude the installation of wiring harness part number 118508 on a 2011 Chevy Cruze.

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