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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2010 Volkswagen Routan

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2010 Volkswagen Routan

Today on our Volkswagen Ratton, we'll be installing part number 118490, the T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pull Flat Trailer Connector. Now let's send it down to Jared and have him get started.Jared: Go ahead and take our T30 torx bit drive and remove the 2 fasteners located on the driver side. Go ahead and pull the tail light assembly out and back, locate the manufacturer harness and disconnect it. You'll need to pull out on the safety tab first then press the back pin in the center. Once you do so you'll be able to pull the manufacturing wiring harness straight off. Now I'll go ahead and sit our tail light assembly off to the side for installation later. Now we will take our T1 connector, go ahead and plug in our wiring harness with the male end into the female end of the manufacturing harness.

This will be the side that has the yellow and brown on it going to the driver side. Now that we have that connection made we'll go ahead and drop down our green wire that's going to go over to our passenger side, as well as our 4 pull connection since it's connected to it. We'll simply slide this down in between the side of the bumper fascia and the body panel coming out the bottom end. If it helps you can also unravel it and remove the rubber band first. One you have it out the bottom we'll go ahead and pull it through. Now we'll go ahead and make our connection for our ground wire.

It's going to be that white wire with the ring on the end, find a good place on the body panel to go ahead and screw it in. Once you have that nice and secure we'll go ahead and get our driver side tail light assembly and put it back in place. Go ahead and press in the T1 connector and then the locking tab. Place in the alignment tabs here and line them up, making sure that the plastic side over here goes on the other side of the body paneling. Once you have it in place go ahead and press them in, then we'll go ahead and reattach the T30 torx bit screws that we unfastened to remove the tail light assembly. Once we have that reattached we'll go over to the passenger side and remove that tail light assembly.

We'll set those off to the side, remember to pull straight back on the tail light assembly to pop it out of the alignment tabs. Once you have it popped out, again remove the safety clip or pull it back here in the center. If you need a small tool you can use some if you need some. If you pull it all the way out make sure that you always replace this once you're done. Press in on the tab in the center and pull straight out. Now we'll go ahead and take an air line or an extra piece of wire or something that you may have laying around.

Go ahead and fish it down to where it comes out the bottom side or bottom panel. It's going to be in between the bumper fascia and molding here and the body panel. Just like we dropped the wires down on the other side, we're going to drop this down. Once you have that coming out the bottom we're going to just tape it off to the top that way we insure that it doesn't fall through. Now we will take our green wire with the T connection from the driver side behind the plastic panel and go over the top of of the bumper mounts and the fascia mounts here on the back side, making sure we keep our wire clean of any abrasive edges so it doesn't get cut and any heat source so it doesn't melt. Now we will go ahead and connect our green wire with the white wire to our pull wire using some electrical tape so we can pull it up between the body panel and the fascia on the side. Go ahead and removed the tape from the top of the pull wire where you just placed it on there to hold it up. Go ahead and pull our wires up between the body panel, making sure that they don't get caught when you first start out. Once you have your wires through the top, we'll go down to the bottom side and pull it through gradually making sure that all of our wires get tucked away, away from the exhaust and the abrasive area. We will then go ahead and removed our pull wire and let the wire hang. Now we'll go ahead and place in the male end to the female end, like we did on the other side. Once we have it in we'll replace the factory locking tab just like so, making sure it's all together nice and snug. Then we will wrap up the excess wire and tape it off. Once you have it taped off nice and neat, go ahead and set this down on the inside and place back on our factory passenger side tail light. Placing the female and male connector together, press it in, press the locking tabs, line up your alignment tabs, press it in until it clicks and then we'll place back in the Torx bit fasteners. With our passenger side Torx bit bit fasteners now in place we'll now close down the hatch and go underneath and tidy up all of our wires with the provided zip ties in our kit. Now the zip ties provided in the kit may be a little short to do over the bracket here, but there are plenty of spots where you can use them. We're going to go ahead and use a little bit longer ones just to give us a little cleaner look. Now we'll go ahead and hook up our ground to our ground wire, to test our wires out. Now we'll go ahead and check our ground wire for running lights, and then we'll check our yellow wire for left turn, green wire for right turn, and our brake lights. Looks good!Now it looks like Jared's all finished up and that's going to complete our install of part number 118490. The T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness on our 2010 Volkswagen Ratton.

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