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Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wiring Harness Installation - 2010 Dodge Ram

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How to Install a Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wiring Harness on a 2010 Dodge Ram

Today on our 2010 Dodge Ram pickup, we'll be installing the Pollak fifth wheel gooseneck T connector, part number PK11893-11932. First, let's go ahead and identity where we'll be mounting our 7-pole. Here on the inside of the bed, just behind the driver side wheel well, is a great location. Now before drilling out the large hole, we'll go ahead and use a smaller bit for a pilot hole, and then double check the location. Next, we'll go ahead and drill it out to the larger size, using our larger hole saw bit as per the instructions. Now with the hole drilled out, we're ready to go ahead and start routing our wire.

From underneath, we'll route near the bumper at the manufacturer's 7-pole, over to the hole we just drilled out in the bed. Now we'll feed it through the hole, and then move back up top into the bed. Next, we'll take our wires and start routing them into the back of the wire connector. Following the instructions and the numbers on the back of the connector, we can install the wires. Note: Position number one is red.

Position two, white. Position three, blue. Position four, green. Position five, black. Quick tech tip: I recommend to then install the center pin, or center position yellow, before installing the six position brown, as it will make it easier to install.

Now with all the wires installed in the back connector, we'll go ahead and put into place the blue locking ring. Now that our wire connector is complete, we can go ahead and install it in the back of the new 7-pole connector, and then press the gray locking tab into position, locking it into place. Now we're ready to go ahead and mount the 7-pole. For this application, we'll be using four self-tapping screws. With our 7-pole mounted, we'll move back underneath the vehicle.

We'll go ahead and press on the locking tabs of the connector and remove the socket from the back of the bumper 7-pole. Then we'll take the manufacturer's wiring, plug it into the long end of the T connector, securing it, and the short end into the back of the manufacturer's 7-pole. Once it's secured, we'll go ahead and press in the locking tab to lock it in place. Using some zip ties, we can secure the wiring to the manufacturer's wiring, and then roll up any excess and secure it. To clean up our install look, we'll cut off the excess from our zip ties. And this will complete the install of the Pollak fifth wheel gooseneck T connector with 7-pole, part number PK11893-11932, on our 2010 Dodge Ram pickup.

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