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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

All right today on this 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan we're going to install part number 119190KIT. We're going to have to open the back hatch to get access to the tail lights. We're going to use the T25 torx bits to remove the tail lights. Pull back on the tail light and then we release it from the wire harness. There's two tabs to push in and then we can work it off. Okay we'll start the tail lights to the side. We're going to run our wires through here and down to our hitch eventually.

So to do that, we're going to make things little easier and loosen up this panel here, do this two screws and then pop this panel for more working room. Okay, now I'm going to pull this back and undo this snaps here, a screwdriver will help working this loose when you see daylight 00:01:06 at the bottom it should be good enough. Okay we're done for the driver side, let's go and repeat the same process on the passenger side. Now we're going to loosen up this screw as well so we can run our wires behind the plastic here. Right we'll go ahead and start installing the wires. First, we'll go ahead and take our four pole end, we'll go ahead and route it down first. Now we're going to take our green wire, we're going to take that and route it underneath the plastic and go on this general direction for now, eventually will work a way to the other side. All right, no we will head and deal for a black wire here, this is our wire that will eventually get run to the battery.

We'll go ahead and take zinge 00:02:18 that comes with the kit and added to it and run it down like we did the four pole. Go ahead and strip the wire back, add a butt connector. Okay, so we're going to add this black wire to the module. Go ahead and protect it with some tape. And we go ahead and run this down just like the 4-pole. We reach up behind the bumper above the exhaust and then pull out the wires.

Okay and take out as much slacks 00:03:12 as we can and leave that alone for now. We'll go ahead and turn our attention to the green wire here and we're just going to tuck this underneath the plastic and you can use your fingers to do this but if you got, something for wide edge on it, it helps to work it in. We're going ahead and take our wire, just work in place to about right here. Now last wire we'll work with is our ground. So we'll go and take our excess and just push it down towards the bottom and take the white wire at the ring terminal we're going to ground it right to the sheet metal, because we'll need this ground to test for wires on the vehicle side. In testing our wires we found out that this is a multiplex system and it doesn't work out great 00:04:05 without the tail light plugged in. So, we got our tester that comes with the kit and we grounded it and then we'll go ahead and turn on our turn signal first.

And you can see it flashing, just right here is black over white stripe, that's going to be our turn signal for a left turn, so we're going to take our yellow wire with the quick splice connector attached to that. Just line up our two wires and make a connection of the metal clip in the middle and then close it up. Now we also found out in testing that this two remaining wires here, the black with the red stripe and black with yellow stripe, they both act as a running light circuit but then also work as a break signal as well so for example this starts off at six volts for running light, then goes up to 12 volts for break signal. To use a break signal in that we're going to have to use our red wire and connect to one of this wires for our break signal. Now the box 00:05:38 should be smart enough where we don't need this brown wire, it will know that the running circuits on as well, so we'll take, eventually we'll take a brown wire and ground it. And get those two connections made, we'll go ahead and add a separate ring terminal to this and add to our ground. Now we got our connections done for now, let's go ahead and set this in place, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process on the gray wire on the passenger side. Okay, we'll take a green wire for a right turn signal and connect it to the black with the green stripe. And here's the wire harness, basically route it up and over the exhaust for now behind this bumper support and then over to our hitch. Now holding up zip tying it to keep it safe and secure and out of the way, so we'll leave it along for now and then we'll work for a black wire. We'll go ahead and route through this hollow part of exhaust mount, then we'll follow the top of the rear suspension. Right now we'll use a pull wire to run our wire up through the engine compartment. Now this could be a fish tape or a piece of stiff wire, in this case we're using some airline tubing, just some old wore out 00:08:00 stuff and we'll use this to fish it up. It might be easier to do this from the top down if you're working on the ground. Okay and after the wire is pulled up, you want to make sure to stay away from anything moving like suspension component or stirring components. We'll go ahead an route out by the factory wiring here, in this case we're going to route it to the power here in the fuse box. Okay, and then we'll go ahead and cut it to lengths, cut this wire to length and then we'll add a butt connector to it. And then we'll take a fuse holder and cut it on half and one end will go to the fuse holder and on the other end we'll get a small of the two ring terminals. Okay, we'll go ahead and remove the cover to our fuse holders, connect your ground here and we got power constantly so we'll use one this studs. Go ahead and loosen this nut right here and definitely make sure your car is off at this point. Take your ring terminal and just stack it on top of that. Now we have everything electric connected, we'll go ahead and install a fuse into the fuse holder. Now it be a good time to go ahead and check the 4-pole wire harness to make sure it's operating correctly zip tie up and secure the wires for good. Go ahead, I'm using a different tester just to show how everything works, it will be easier on a small tester. The running lights are on, now we'll go ahead and try our left turn signal. Now let's go ahead and try a right turn. Okay, the break signal will be a constant signal on the yellow and green wires. All right, it looks like everything is working. So now we can go ahead and secure all our wires. All right now we'll go ahead and secure our module box, we'll go ahead and use another sheet metal through to attach it in place. Now it does come with adhesive to do that with but since we got a sheet metal to work with will do that. It might easier to take the light back on and off at times to make it work a little bit easier and done 00:11:14 with testing. We'll go ahead and add some protection to our butt connector and here we to, services we got extra wire. All right we're done with the front. Let's go ahead and, goes in the back secure our wires underneath the vehicle. Now we ran wire across, found an open holes we use some zip ties here and here to help keep a wire away from your exhaust. Grab some excess wire, we kept bundled up and zip tie to the support here. If all the wire are secured that will finish it for our install. And there you have it for part number 119190KIT 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan. .

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