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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Subaru Impreza

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2009 Subaru Impreza

All right, today in this 2009 Subaru Impreza we are going to install Part No. C56111 from Curt. First thing we need to do is lift up the back hatch so we can get access to the taillights. There will be two bolts on each taillight that we have to remove so that we can take the taillight off. Once we have the bolts removed, we gently pry or pull straight back so that we can release the taillight from the car. Then we need to release the wire harness from the taillights. There is a small tab that we can push down and it unlocks it and we can pull it apart. Once we have our taillights disconnected, we go ahead and set them off to the side. Now we can go ahead and start installing our wiring harness.

We will take the 4-pole in and drop it down below the taillight behind the bodywork. We also take the T-connector with the green wire and do the same thing as well. We push everything down in behind the bodywork as far as we can go. Next, there is a black wire from the module that we have to extend with another black wire that comes with the kit. Using a belt connector, we go ahead and connect the two. Then we will help seal it up with some electrical tape.

Then we will take that black wire and push it behind the bodywork as well. Next, we will get underneath the car and pull it out the bottom. We will make sure we take out all the slack. Now, we will go back up to the drivers side taillight and go ahead and make our electrical connections there. One-half of the T-connector with the yellow wire will plug into the wire harness from the car. Then our white wire will ground to the body.

We will use the provided self-tapping screw to do that with. We are going to take a moment to clean out the inside of the bumper cover in a big enough area so that we can mount our module. We will also clean off the module as well and take the adhesive that comes with it and attach it to the module and then attach it to the inside edge of the bumper cover. With that secure, we will go ahead and take the 4-bolt wire harness and run it out to the center hitch for now. We will also take our T-connector with the green wire and go ahead and route that over to the other side and up to the other taillight. To help hold up the taillight, we are going to use an old piece of airline tubing and this can be another stiff wire as well. Once we have it pulled up and out, we can go ahead and secure excess wire with a zip tie and then make our connections to the wire harness.

Once we are secure with that, we can go ahead and reinstall the taillights. Then we will go back underneath the vehicle and go ahead and secure our wires, taking up the excess as needed and zip-tying the wire harness where we can. Once we are good with these wires, we will go ahead and turn our attention back to the black wire that we need to run to the front of the vehicle and up towards the battery. We will go ahead and route that as far away from the exhaust as possible, going up toward the front. In this case, we ran past exhaust hangers and zip-tied along the way and then we went up and over the rear suspension and ran it in underneath the panel located on the bottom of the car and then out the other side. Then we ran it along the frame. In this case, we used a couple of loom clamps to help hold it in place. We used Part No. A0250. We will continue up and into the engine compartment. Again, we stay away from anything moving, like suspension components. Now we can go ahead and open up the hood and reach down and pull up our wire. We will go ahead and pull it up and zip-tie it, taking up the slack. Then we will go ahead and route it over to our battery. Once we are close to the battery, we will cut off our excess and then add a fuse holder. One end of our fuse holder will get a bug connector and that will connect it to the black wire. The other side of the fuse holder will get the ring terminal. We will go ahead and tape up the one connection as well. Then we will go ahead and attach it to the positive side of the battery. Once our connection is made, we will go ahead and install a fuse into a fuse holder and then we will zip-tie it and keep it safe out of the way. With our fuse holder in place, our installation is finished. Our wire harness should be functional, so it would be a good idea to test it out with a test light before we try it on our trailer. We will go ahead and take a ground and connect it to the wire. Then we will test our running light circuit, which would be brown, a left turn which would be the yellow wire and our right turn which will be a green wire. Then our brakes are going to be a constant signal on green and yellow wires. With that working, we will go ahead and permanently install the 4-pole wire harness onto the hitch. We will be using part No. 18140, the no-drill mount bracket. We will go ahead and put that on the hitch using the provided clamp. Then we will be using a mounting bracket for a 4-pole flat, Part No. 18144. We will go ahead and connect that up to our first bracket. Then we are about ready to install our 4-pole harness. We will take the cover from our 4-pole and put it on first. Then we will go ahead and pull it through the bracket. This is a friction fit, so that is what keeps it in place. Then we will put our cover over the top. That will finish it for our install of Part No. C56111 from Curt on our 2009 Subaru Impreza. .

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