Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2008 Audi Q7

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2008 Audi Q7

Speaker 1: Today on our 2008 Audi Q7, we're gonna be taking a look at and I'm gonna show you how to install the curb power taillight converter with four pull flat trailer connector. Part number C59236.It is gonna come with a nice dust cap to help protect any of your connections from any dirt and debris. This is gonna give you all your proper lighting functions to safely tow your trailer. It's gonna give you a right turn signal, left turn signal, brake lights, running lights, and your ground.When in use, again, just hang it out. When not in use, you simply roll it up, and store it inside the panel. When you're ready to use it, you pull it out of your storage compartment, run it over the rubber seal, stay away from any latching points.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get it installed.You look right up here in this corner, all of your wires from your taillights run down on both sides.

The good thing about Audi is they run their right turn signal and left turn signal all over to the same side.A little tech tip. When you're sitting back here, and when you close the hatch, all of these wires are gonna push up underneath to here. There's a screw right here.Now, this is a Phillips screw on this one. It should be a T25 Torx Bit, but it looks like somebody had taken it out and replaced it with this. So we're gonna take this screw out, and I can pull this panel down just like this.

Just keep in mind there's an airbag right there so don't pull on it too hard. We just want it out of the way enough.Then I'm gonna take that clip and pull it off of there. To take that off, you're just gonna pinch the two sides together like that, and we'll pull this over like this.On your wiring harness with your convertor, and if you look on the front of the converter it's actually gonna tell you, red is brake, white is ground, yellow is left turn, brown's taillight, black is your power, green is your right turn.Given mine our four pull wire, it's not gonna just hang down from here. We're gonna have to get it down behind this panel, so we're gonna have to take out a few things. Our sill panel here, we're gonna have T25 Torx Bits here that hold this panel in place.We'll go ahead and take those out.

And then we're just gonna pull up on it. Like that. Don't pull hard. It does have a wire there. We'll just set this aside.

There's not really any reason to take it off.Your hook here, it has two Torx Bits in it. They're gonna T30 Torx head bolts. Pull those out. We'll just pull out on our panel like that.Next, I'm gonna take the black wire that comes in my kit. You're gonna get a bundle of it. Strip back the end. We're gonna put one of our included butt connectors on it, and we're gonna go ahead and attach it to the black wire coming off our converter box.Again, this is gonna be our power wire and it's gonna run through our battery. Take some electrical tape, go ahead and wrap it up. This will just give it a little extra protection.The kit's gonna come with some two sided tape, stick it on your converter box, and we're gonna put it right there. Just like that. Press it firmly into place. And we'll take our black wire, push it down under our panel.Your kit's gonna come with some connectors like this. It does make it easier, because you don't have to splice the wire. However, in my opinion, this actually tears up the wires, so I suggest not using them. I suggest using butt connectors. You can pick them up on our website using part number 224775.This red wire with the yellow stripe, this blue wire with the red stripe, this one with the red stripe, and this yellow wire with the gray stripe is gonna be . the red and yellow is gonna be our turn signal for left and right, which we're gonna have to test to figure out which one does what. Our gray and yellow is gonna be our running lights and then our red and yellow is gonna be our stop light.So really what we need to do is we're gonna go ahead and test them all to make sure we have the right wires, but our blue and red, we're gonna have to determine which one's right and which one's left.We're gonna start off with our brake signal, which is our red wire coming off our converter box, and our red wire with the yellow stripe. Go head and cut that, strip it back, we'll tie these two together, add a butt connector there. Go ahead and strip back our other side. What I'd suggest is striping it back a little extra because the wire's pretty thin and double it over like that.Now, we had to take our coating off, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tape it back up.Now, we'll reinstall our connector there. It's gonna help hold our wires down, keep them from getting pinched. Go ahead and reinstall this panel here.Now, I think I'm gonna put my ground wire right there. We'll use the self tapping screw that comes in the kit.Go ahead and put our hook back in place.Then we'll put our sill panel back in place. We're just gonna push on it. And you wanna make sure that your trim comes to the outside of it.Now we need to do our power wire, which our battery is located underneath this panel here. We're gonna take this large plastic nut off.Now, because our battery is located under our drivers seat, we're not gonna be able to access it. There is a spot underneath the hood in the front that allows you to hook up any wiring accessory that gives you the power or gives you a power option.So what we're gonna do is we gotta get our wire out of the vehicle. So right here, there's actually a grommet or a plastic grommet underneath that takes you right outside.So you take a knife and we'll just cut a slit in it and push our wire right down through there. I'm gonna have some factory wiring here. I'm gonna zip tie my wire to that. That's to help keep it out of the way, in case we need to get in here to do any other work later on, get our spare tire out, anything like that. We don't have to worry about it getting snagged.I'm gonna take a little bit of RTV Silicone lock tights and silicone sealant. If you don't have any of this, you can find this on our website also. I wanna cover up that hole so we don't get any fumes or anything like that from our exhaust in here.So this is gonna be our positive or our power that we're gonna be running to in the engine compartment of the vehicle. What I did is I took some airline tube and ran it down. There's a huge open spot right here I ran it down to. I'm gonna go back in the back, get my wire, bring it up to my airline tube, I'll slid it in the end, and I'll just pull it up and it'll bring my wire up.Let me run this up the front real quick and I'll show you how I did it.So I came out of my hole, ran over the top of all this. I want to make sure I'm staying away from anything moving or hot. I actually ran it across here, ran a zip tie around, just to hold it down, away form my springs, ran it up over the top. We have this bracket that holds your gas tank in, I ran it behind the bracket here, right up along side, right through here, and all I did here was rub and take that out. If you just pull down on it, just barely pull down on it, pull down enough, put a little curl in the end of your wire, and you can hook it right around that bolt and come out. Went over the top of this to keep it up off the ground, and then I have my airline tube. I just push it right into the end. That way we can go up top and pull it up.Now, if you notice, the steering column's right there, or steering arm. That rotates, so we wanna try to stay away from it. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring this up here and I'm gonna zip tie it, just like that.I just need to cut my wire to size here. Cut there.Strip it back. Add on a butt connector.Your fuse. It's gonna have one solid loop, cut it in half, and then strip back both ends. One end into your butt connector. Our other end is gonna get a ring terminal. Just like that. You wanna make sure your fuse is not in the holder when you make the connection.Now, we're gonna get our socket and remove that nut. Like that. Once you get your ring terminal on, replace the nut, tighten it into place, and then we can add our fuse.That was a good idea to take some electrical tape. Go ahead and wrap it over your butt connector.Once you've added your fuse, ahead and close it up. Tuck that back in here.Now, we'll test our wiring out using part number I26. Brake lights. Right turn. Left turn. Running lights.That'll do it for a look at an installation of the curb powered taillight converter four pull flat trailer connector, part number C59236, on our 2008 Audi Q7.

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