Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2006 Jeep Liberty

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2006 Jeep Liberty

Today, we're going to show you a Curt T-connector Vehicle Wire Harness with a four-pole flat trailer connector, part number C55382. These are parts you get with this part number. First up, here's our T-connector right here. All right This T-connector with the yellow wire. This one always goes toward the driver side of the vehicle. It also has a red matching locks on there and matches the factory connection points on the wire harness.

The other T-connector with the green wire will go over to the passenger side. Again, it matches with the connectors as well. There's two T-connectors, work their way to this converter box right here. If you noticed, you got five wires going in. Right turn, stop light signal, left turn, running light, and ground.

Stop light signals combine with the right turn and left turn, so it comes off to just four wires on the other side, which your trailer uses. Follow this wire down, and it comes to our four-pole flat connector. The four-pole flat also comes with a cover for it when it's not being used to help protect it from the elements. A little bit of an install kit as well. Okay. A little attachment pad, a little adhesive to attach the converter box, and some zip ties as well, and a self-tacking screw for your ground wire that'll go to the sheet metal.

A couple other things to know about this T-connector is that the turn and stop lights are rated for three amps per circuit and tail lights are rated for about five amps per circuit. All right, this is a perfectly good setup for trailers that have two tail lights and maybe two to four running lights on the side of our trailer. First off, we need to go ahead and remove the tail lights to get access to the wire harness. We're going to remove these two screws. We'll be using a T20 Torx bit. Then there's two snap fittings here and here we have to remove.

We'll pull it back a little bit, and I'm using a plastic pry bar to help pry it loose. There it goes. This one's been extra tight, so it's got to be careful to pop it loose. This red lock here we have to push open, and then we press down on this tab right here to pull it apart. Okay. This little edge you can push right here as well too. Push down this tab. It should come apart. Then we'll go ahead and peel out this wire holder too, and then we disconnect the light. I just use a trim panel tool for that. That was our passenger side. We'll go and repeat the same process over on our driver side. However, we'll show you the location of the screws. It's a little bit hidden from the other side. We need to open up the back hatch. With a long extension, reach in to the same kind of screws. Okay, let's go ahead and start to work with our new wire harness. Take our four-pole first, run it down between the body work and our bumper cover. Just let that fall to the ground. You may have to reach up for it and pull it out as well. All right, let's go ahead and hook up our T-connector with the yellow wire to our factory harness on the driver side. Push the two matching ends together. Sometimes they click; sometimes they don't. Make sure you push the red lock back into place. Set that aside for now. Let's take our white wire with the ring terminal, and we'll attach it to this sheet metal right here. We'll go ahead and start the screw first into the sheet metal and then add our wire. All right, now we'll leave this side alone for now. We'll go underneath the vehicle and route our T-connector to the green wire over to the other side up towards the tail light. We're just going to route it over top of our hitch for now. We'll take our four-pole, and do the same thing with it. We'll go ahead and run our four-pole flat to our hitch. We'll put our cover on to help hold it in place, and then we'll tuck our wires up and out of the way for now. Again, we're just going to leave our wires just sit up and out of the way for now. We'll take our green wire with the T-connector and route that up towards our passenger side tail light mount. Same as before, we'll connect the two ends together and push the lock in. Okay, now we can go ahead and put our tail lights back on. Again, we'll just match up the connector to it. Push it in until it clicks, and push the lock in. Then we can go ahead and reinstall the light. We'll go ahead and attach our converter box next and then install our tail light on the driver side. We'll go ahead and clean off some sheet metal just below the pocket for the light. All right, now let's go ahead and take a moment to bundle up our wires, and we'll take up the slack of our green wire first. All bundled up with some of the zip ties that come with it. Okay. Then I'll do the same thing with my four-pole wire. Got two separate bundles. Now I'll go ahead and zip tie it. We'll use this empty hole right here in the bumper cover. Okay, we'll cut off the tails to our zip ties. We're going to use some extra long zip ties to attach our wires to the top of the hitch. Now the extra long zip ties don't come with the wire harness, but it's always a good idea to get extra zip ties when you do any kind of wiring anyway. Got this side done. We'll do the same thing for the single green wire going towards the passenger side. Okay. Then we also want to double-check ourselves so that our green wire is nowhere near the exhaust. All right. Now we got everything installed. Let's go ahead and try it out. First, we'll use our tester. We'll clamp it to the white wire for ground. Then we'll check the brown wire for running light circuit. All right, next we'll check our left turn signal with the yellow wire. Okay, and green for our right turn signal. Then, we'll go ahead and hit the brake pedal and look for a constant signal on the yellow and green wires. All right. Looks like everything works. That'll finish it for part number C55382, the Curt T-connector Vehicle Wire Harness with a four-pole flat trailer connector. .

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