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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

Today on this 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan we're going to install part number 118300 from Tow-Ready. First thing we're going to do is open up the hatch and then we'll go ahead and remove the two tail light assemblies. We'll us e a trim panel tool to remove the rivets then we can go ahead and pull the tail light away from the vehicle. Then we'll go ahead and disconnect the wire harness. There's a small red tab that we have to push in so we can release the lock. Once it's pushed out of the way we can go ahead and press down on the tab located here and then we can squeeze it and we can go ahead and pull the wire harness away from the light.

We're done with our drivers side let's go ahead and repeat the same thing on the passengers side. Now we'll go ahead and start the dis-assembly of the interior components. We'll start off my removing the threshold. We'll go ahead and pop it lose using a trim panel tool. We'll go ahead and loosen up the carpet as well.

There'll be two fasteners that we just have to pry up to loosen up the carpet. We'll also remove the door from the jack storage compartment. Then we'll go ahead and pull the sides away from the interior. Next we're going to go ahead and temporarily remove the grommets that hold the wire harness behind the tail lights. We'll cut it with some tins nips and pull it away from the wire harness and we'll save those for later because they will be reused.

We'll do this on both sides of the vehicle. Now we can go ahead and start installing the wire harness. We'll start off by inserting the four pole in through the opening on the drivers side. We'll pull it through the interior of the vehicle. Then we'll go ahead and continue pulling on one half of the T connector with the green wire.

We'll pull that through as well. Now we'll leave the T connector with the yellow wire hanging out. We'll pull the T connector with the green wire all the way through so we can get a hold of it. We're actually going to tuck it back in behind the panel and pull it out by the threshold. We'll snake it through the interior panel and pull it out. We'll go ahead and take our wire and we'll go ahead and hide it behind the carpet and run it to the other side. Once again we'll go ahead and snake it behind the interior panel and then into the opening behind the panel. There will be some components located behind the panel. There will be an opening on top of the components to push our wire into. Now we can look through the opening behind the tail light on the passenger side and you can see it laying inside there. We'll use a piece of wire to help fish it out. Once we have our T connector pulled out we'll go ahead and connect it to he factory wire harness. We'll plug the two together. We'll go ahead and push the lock back in and then we'll take that half and push it back into the body work. We'll leave the other half of the connector and the white wire with the ring terminal, we'll leave that towards the outside so we can go head and reconnect our tail light to it. Once we have everything pushed inside we'll go ahead and take our grommet and reinstall it. We'll slip it over the wires and put it into place. Then we'll take the ring terminal and use it with the provided sheet metal screw and attach it to the body work behind the tail light. Then we'll plug the T1 harness into the back of the tail light and put everything back together. We'll go ahead and reinstall the plastic fasteners. We can go ahead now and start reinstalling the interior components. We'll reinstall the side panels and the fasteners for the carpet. Now we'll go ahead and reinstall the grommet on the drivers side and it's wires. Then reinstall the tail light. With everything installed we'll be able to pull our four pole when we need to. We'll go ahead and pull it out and show you who to use it. We'll just lay it across the threshold, just make sure you stay away from the latch in the center. Then we can go ahead and shut the hatch. The door seals thick enough where it wont hurt the wire. Now we'll go ahead and use the light tester to verify everything is working before it's tried out on a trailer. We'll start off by taking our tester and attaching our ground to the bare lead. Then we'll go ahead and test the brown wire, that will be our running light circuit. Our yellow wire will be our left turn. Our green wire will be our right turn. Now the brake signal will be a constant signal from the green and yellow wires. With everything working we can go head and put it back inside the vehicle when it's not being used. We'll go ahead and take the wire harness and hide it inside our jack storage compartment. That'll finish it for our install of part number 118300 from Tow-Ready, on our 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.



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