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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2005 Nissan Armada

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2005 Nissan Armada

Today on this 2005 Nissan Armada, were going to install part number 30955 from Hopkins. Now our Nissan here has part of a factory tow package. It has wires around at the back, but does not have the actual connector, so were going to use this part to finish up the connection, so we can plug in a trailer. All right, first off well go ahead and pull out the wire harness from the vehicle. Now normally this would have a cap, however on this particular vehicle it did not have the cap. Now well take our connector and plug it into it. Well also use some dielectric grease to help protect the leads as well.

Now we need to attach it to our hitch. Now our bracket that we are going to use to attach it to the hitch is going to be part number 18140 and well use that with the mounting bracket that comes with the trailer connector. Now well do a test fit and you can see that, the bracket is going to be a little bit on the short side, so what were going to do is take our bracket down and using our 7-pole bracket, were going to use it to mark and drill a couple of holes towards the end just to give us enough clearance. So were going to hold the two together and push it towards the edge and then well use a yellow marker to mark our holes. Then well take our bracket and put it in a bench vise and drill out the holes up to a quarter inch.

With our holes drilled out, well go ahead and inaudible 00:01:14 two pieces together. Using the hardware that comes with part number 18140, well go ahead and connect the two together and well use a clamp to attach it to the hitch. Then well go ahead and take our 7-pole connector and attach it to the 7-pole bracket. Well bolt those two together and you can see how the bottom edge of the connector touches the hitch a little bit, so actually take the bracket and pull it away a little bit just to take the tension off and well make any minor adjustments to the bracket going to the hitch to keep it level. Were done with the back and we need to go underneath the hood of the vehicle to install two relays.

Well take off the cover for the relays and there are two spots that are open. Theyll be labeled trailer tow number one and trailer two number two. Now were going to using the relays from part number C57000 from Curt. Well be using the brown relay and one of the blue relays. Well have a third one that will not be used.

Well go ahead and put those into place. Now the reason why we checked to install these relays is, when we tested the wire harness, we found out that we have left turn and right turn and brake signals, but nothing else. We checked the relay box and we found the two relays missing, so thats why we added them. With that, thatll finish if for our install of part number 30955 from Hopkins on our 2005 Nissan Armada. .

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